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Domus, specialists in
industrial laundry equipment
At DOMUS we have created a solid, modern firm, where we can guarantee our capacity to provide quality products and services to our customers and a proven ability to consolidate our business future.
As an experienced manufacturer, we can develop products especially thought to meet the needs of all type of clients, offering a wide range of industrial laundry machinery for any business: hotels, restaurants, laundries, coin laundromats, hospitals, care homes and others.

DOMUS is specialized in offering complete solutions for the washing-drying-ironing-finishing of laundry to any type of business.

We believe in constant innovation in the design and manufacturing processes of our machines, to achieve important energy and water savings, key points in today's environmentally conscious world.

Our mission is to satisfy all the needs of a professional laundry in a competitive way, working in a globalized market. As a team of professionals we are in daily contact with our customers, applying our corporate values in all areas: Innovation, Experience, Dialogue and Professionalism.

around the world

Domus is present in more than 150 countries worldwide, offering quality and service to their dealers and importers.
DOMUS belongs to ONNERA Group, an important group that markets its products over five continents. It has 10 manufacturing plants that are strategically distributed around the world (Spain, France, Poland, Turkey, China and Mexico) and over 1700 professionals able to offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to meet the needs of each individual market.
10 plants

of manufacture distributed
by the world

+1.700 professionals

capable of offering solutions
to each market

service and proximity

Domus provides a comprehensive service to its network of distributors and customers. Customer service is a priority both at commercial and technical levels.
Through our constantly moving and improving web page, we give special access to our customers and distributors. Here you can find a multitude of services and information as well as varied documentation to be downloaded about marketing, sales, technical, latest news, manuals, etc.

On the other hand, from the technical area, we organize many regular trainings on the latest products, as well as support for startups or new reference installations, technical assistance, etc. We also have an efficient service of remote tech support (phone or email) always willing to help our customers.

DOMUS also organizes meetings from the sales department, inviting importers in the factory for sales trainings, new product presentations and other services, and offers support in communication, exhibitions, advertisements, etc.

evolution and efficiency

Welcome to the
Domus is well aware of the brand's commitment to the environment. In order to find the perfect balance between Innovation, Efficiency and Savings, Domus has made, in recent years, a serious investment to developing high-tech features in each of the new ECO-ENERGY range of washers, dryers and ironers. This has resulted in a new generation of efficient and technologically advanced products for the user.

Our premise is evolution, effort and trust in our products and our customers, in what we do and how we do it.
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