6 de January de 2021

An affordable clothes dryer but with advanced features, the maximum efficiency possible and great versatility

A highly profitable investment for nurseries, schools, hairdressers or beauty salons

At this point in time, when it has become absolutely essential that these types of places maintain an extremely high level of cleaning and disinfection, it is important to commit to optimising and improving all internal processes, with particular attention being paid to those that take place within the laundry areas of nurseries, schools, colleges, health centres or care homes for the elderly.

Within this context and with energy efficiency as a basis for the design of all of its components, we would like to show the characteristics, advantages and strengths for this type of centre of our line of professional tumble dryers of 8 and 10 Kg, belonging to the Heavy Professional range. They are designed to achieve a high drying quality, and with the new TOUCH II microprocessor installed as standard, a factor that provides a much more superior degree of efficiency compared to similar lines and models of tumble dryers on today’s market.

As if that wasn’t enough, both the tumble dryer and the washing machine have been specially designed for washing and processing all types of mops, extending their use life considerably and optimising the process even further in terms of efficiency.

Other interesting advances of these affordable clothes dryers can be found in their improved air flow, the option of using short cycles with an exceptional drying quality or the Cool Down system, which prevents creases at the end of each cycle, among other advanced features.

With a large aluminium door that facilitates to a large extent the loading and unloading of the clothing, as well as the manufacture of all of its components in stainless steel, we have created an affordable tumble dryer which is reliable, capable of offering the best drying quality at the lowest cost possible and which, practically, does not require any maintenance tasks.

Connectivity and digitalisation are two essential factors to achieve an affordable clothes dryer, but which has nothing to envy of the superior ranges of our catalogue 

With this new line of professional laundry machinery, we have prioritised aspects such as connectivity or the improvement of energy efficiency thanks, in addition to other components, to the incorporation of the new TOUCH II microprocessor.  

secadoras de ropa económicas


The truth is that we are looking at an affordable clothes dryer, but that will allow you to have a rigorous control of the data and traceability of each drying cycle, in a simple and highly functional way from your mobile device or your computer.

At the same time, our technical support service can repair issues in real time and remotely, being one of the most advanced machines that you can buy nowadays.

Within the current context, having our machinery – we always recommend buying the tumble dryer along with the washing machine to achieve the best results possible in terms of cleaning, disinfection and annual savings- can really help schools and nurseries that need to optimise and improve the day-to-day tasks of their laundry area.

Over the years that we have been the leader the industrial laundry sector, we have studied thoroughly and in detail the specific requirements and processes of these types of centres, this being the best guarantee for achieving a line of latest generation affordable tumble dryers and washing machines, with which your laundry will take a qualitative leap in every sense.

An affordable clothes dryer specially designed for nurseries, schools and beauty salons  

If you purchase our dryer along with the  professional washing machine, we guarantee that both the results in terms of the quality of processing the clothing and the level of annual savings and efficiency of your space will increase considerably.

In this case, our washing machine enjoys features that, once again, make it one of the most advanced models on the current market.

secadoras de ropa económicas


If we are talking about energy efficiency, this model has a G factor of 450 and the new TOUCH II – the washing machine incorporates pre-set eco-friendly programmes, enables working with Wet Cleaning, manually indicates the load weight, has 8 standard dispensing signals…-, with which you will make a significant saving of energy and detergent in each wash, as well as spectacular quality and final result. You also have the option of adding a recovery plinth, increasing its efficiency even further.

secadoras de ropa económicas

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