Welcome to the mobile laundry of the future

Are you thinking about starting a self-service laundry business and don't have premises? Do you organise events and need a mobile laundry so you can move it from one place to another?

At Domus we offer you the perfect solution. From now on, thanks to the Clean&Move modules, you can have a transportable self-service laundry with the latest generation machinery.

We have different modules available, such as the CUBE module, which offers a mobile self-service laundry that is 3.5 metres long, with a public area enclosed with glass walls, as well as a transit area which is always open; or the HAT model, with identical features except that it has no glass walls, simply a roof that juts out for users' protection. In both cases, you will be able to choose between two interior configurations, the HPL and the DHS, with different columns and spaces for the installation of the machines.

Then there are the CUSTOM modules, fully customisable according to the requirements, needs and requests of each client, which offer the possibility of being larger and having all of the machinery and accessories desired.


Clean&Move: Do you need a self-service laundry space in your business?

Starting a self-service laundry business with latest generation technology has never been so easy. In this video you can see all the advantages offered by our transportable laundry modules, as well as their strengths and machines, characterised by four values that distinguish our brand: quality, robustness, efficiency and high performance. Press play!

Design your self-service laundry business to suit you best

If you need a small and quick solution, we propose the HAT and CUBE modules depending on whether you want a more enclosed or more open space.

Should you want a bespoke solution, take a look at the CUSTOM option, which makes it possible to design modules of between 4 and 12 metres in length and a height of 2.4 m, with whichever machines you like from our extensive catalogue. You will be able to choose the set up that best suit your needs. It's that easy!



Custom-design the interior

The standard module is made to house all types of laundry machines. It has a very light design, and its structure is transparent, making it possible to see what is happening inside at all times. The machines are easy to handle, versatile, efficient and do not require a lot of maintenance. A safe investment for any business which quickly pays for itself.

Applications for which our Clean&Move modules have been designed

These mobile laundry modules have been designed to be installed anywhere. They aim to respond to the needs of different situations and businesses, such as campsites, large events, festivals, supermarkets, petrol stations, military areas, car washes...

Furthermore, you will be interested to know that we accompany you throughout the entire process, from planning to fine tuning, technical support or choosing the washing machines. You don't need to worry about a thing, that's our job.









Remember that we can design your module 'made-to-measure' and fully customised

Service and maintenance could not be easier, you won't need to worry about a thing

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