15 de June de 2020

Industrial dryers: types and models that are marking a turning point in drying

The new DYNAMIC and ECO-ENERGY ranges have marked a turning point in terms of drying efficiency and quality  

At Domus, we would like to present all of the strengths and characteristics of our new industrial tumble dryers; types and models launched onto the market in 2020 and that have been designed according to 4 very clear concepts: efficiency, drying quality, robustness and high performance.

We have always been committed to the R+D of new technology, with industrial laundry machinery designed to satisfy the needs of each sector, whether industrial, health, hospitality or services. In this case, we will start by highlighting the excellent features of our range of ECO-ENERGY single drum tumble dryers, characterised for offering a wide range of efficient features, with a view to improving energy saving and reducing the yearly consumption of each tumble dryer.

It is also worth highlighting that all of the models are easily convertible to self-service and have a high connectivity, minimal maintenance tasks and the new TOUCH II microprocessor.

Industrial dryers: types and models of single drum 

We are convinced that these tumble dryers have marked a turning point in the world of drying for various reasons. We are very aware of the commitment to the environment and our ECO-ENERGY tumble dryer testifies to that.

 secadora industrial tipos


In terms of efficiency, this model has a system that takes advantage of the air from the drying called AIR RE-CYCLE; the EFFICIENT DRY system, which achieves total control of the humidity; FULL FLOW, optimised axial-radial air flow; or the new TOUCH II microprocessor, designed to obtain a high connectivity, maximum efficiency and enjoys a large 7” colour touch screen, along with the possibility of working with Wet Cleaning programmes, configuring in 37 languages, tracking or customising the drying programmes according to your laundry’s needs. Furthermore, they are machines that we can bespoke design according to each client, both for industrial laundries and self-service laundries, and they offer excellent connectivity, enabling issues to be resolved remotely without any problems.

The DYNAMIC range: more versatile and with excellent features 

 secadora industrial tipos

This is the line designed to offer maximum versatility along with high levels of energy efficiency. At Domus, we have launched onto the market a  modern and efficient tumble dryer, which represents a profitable and necessary investment for any business with laundry services. As notable standard features, we would like to highlight the TOUCH II microprocessor, 4.3” on the 11 to 36 Kg models and 7” on the superior models; the DUAL FLOW axial-radial air circulation system; the possibility of being adapted to self-service models without any difficulties; or its high connectivity and minimal maintenance tasks.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, contact us without any obligation 

At Domus, we have spent years dedicated to developing and selling machinery for latest generation industrial laundries. We are also aware that all of our machines involve a significant investment for any business.  In addition, we know that, without in-depth knowledge of the sector, this type of industrial tumble dryer can cause certain confusion.

If you would like to ask us any questions regarding their features or you would like to request an estimate, do not hesitate to contact our sales department. You can do so by telephoning 93 888 71 53 or sending an email to domus@domuslaundry.com; you can also complete the contact form that you will find at this link.  Choose About us and you will be choosing the laundry of the future!