18 de December de 2019

How do heat pump dryers work?

Special features of heat pump dryers

If you need to buy industrial laundry machinery, and you are wondering how heat pump dryers work, you may be interested in what we will tell you next.


What is the system of our heat pump dryers?

The mechanism of operations of the dryers with heat pump is simple and is based on performing the same cycle repeatedly:

  1. The dryer moves the air inside thanks to its fan.
  2. The air reaches the exchanger where the temperature rises through the physical process with coolant.
  3. The hot air circulates through the drum evaporating moisture form the entire load of clothes.
  4. Then, the hot and humid air passes to the second exhanger, where the coolant returns to work , condensing the water vapor and drying the air.
  5. The air, again, cold, leaves the second exchanger and starts the whole cycle again.

They are rotary dryers capable of harnessing the heat again and again, using the right energy for each load and drying cycle. This makes them efficient and cost effective dryers in equal parts, and a safe invesment for any company that needs or has an industrial laundry. In addition, another great advantage is that they do not need to escape from vapors outside, which greatly simplifies their installation.

Now that you know how heat pump dryers work

If you are interested in buying a dryer with heat pump, it is our obligation to recommend that you take a look at our DTT-HP Eco-Energy and DTT-HP Dynamic models, with different load capacities and features that will surprise you.

In both cases they are dryers that have the new TOUCH II programmable microprocessor, with 37 different languages, a 7 ”or 4.3” touch screen in the Dynamic range, and a specific software for traceability and data analysis in real time.

We are facing dryers of the future, which guarantee maximum drying power along with very high levels of efficiency and sustainability. All this with very simple maintenance tasks, combining great ergonomics with the practicality that characterizes all our dryers.

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