Industrial heat pump dryers created and designed in search of maximum energy efficiency

The DDT ECO-ENERGY industrial heat pump dryers are the most efficient of this entire new generation by Domus. We are looking at the banner of the new ECOVOLUTION concept, with which we wanted to launch onto the market machines that prioritise energy efficiency above all else, without ever forgetting to offer the best drying quality. To do so, they incorporate the new TOUCH II, with advanced features and are prepared to work with Wet Cleaning, or the Efficient Dry system, with which you will have a smart humidity control system. It is also worth highlighting that they are tremendously versatile industrial dryers for laundries, and they can be adapted easily from OPL to self-service. You already know that at Domus we sell you much more than a professional dryer, we are experts in all types of machinery for industrial laundries. Take a look at the features of this model, they have marked a turning point in the world of drying..

Industrial heat pump dryers and the new TOUCH II

7”, programmable and easy to use touch screen
USB connection. Includes programmable pc software, with which you can control tracking, data analysis…
Offers the possibility of showing videos on screen: advertisements, instructions…
It can be configured in 37 different languages.

Interesting features of this industrial dryer

Reverse-tumble as standard
Stainless steel drum
Frequency inverter as standard

A dryer with efficiency guaranteed

DOUBLE FLOW: Optimised axial-radial air flow system
Large fluff filter: ergonomic draw
Double glass door

Also characterised by its great versatility

They are dryers that can be custom designed with a high degree of personalisation
Prepared to work with Wet Cleaning programmes
Easily convertible from OPL to self-service

Industrial dryers that offer a high degree of connectivity

Remote technical assistance
Ideal for managing OPL and self-service laundries
Prepared for remote payment

An ergonomic industrial double drum dryer created to facilitate day to day work

Stainless steel filter draw
Large diameter door
Reverse direction when door is opened as standard

Without large maintenance tasks or any type of complications

Easy-access and very ergonomic folding panel
Technical menu with statistics, data recovery for after sales service, software updates…

Other interesting features of these dryers

Unit in skinplate grey, inox effect, it doesn’t leave marks.
Transmission through a gear-motor
SOFT DRY: drum with embedded perforations to care for garments
COOL DOWN system: cooling at the end of the cycle.
Does not require an external vent
Low energy consumption
Water for cooling that can be reused to wash
EC approved

Optional features of this double drum dryer

New dosing system using spray
Reverse opening door
Possibility of installing a printer
DomusConnect communication kit
Unit in AISI 304 stainless steel
Front panel in AISI 304 stainless steel
Wooden packaging
Maritime voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60 Hz No N