Domus has developed a rigid, medium-speed and high-efficiency washing machine

This new range of medium-speed washers will offer you a wide variety of state-of-the-art features. Let’s take a look at all the features of this new Domus rigid washing machine.

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TOUCH II: the new microprocessor from Domus

7” touch screen, programmable and easy to use.
USB connection. Includes PC software for programming, traceability, data analysis, etc.
On-screen videos: adverts, instructions (useful for self-service).
37 languages supported
8 standard dosing signals.

A rigid washing machine with great efficiency and guaranteed results

G-FACTOR elevated to 300.
Intelligent weighing system.
Optimal loading: manual load weight indicator.
Designed to be connected to water recovery tanks: ECOTANK.
Low water consumption.

Designed to offer great versatility

A washing machine made to measure and customisable.
OPL <> Wallet / File.
Electric <> Hot water
Drain valve <> Pump.
Option to use Wet Cleaning washing programmes.
Laundry management: OPL and self-service.
Remote payment system.
Remote technical service.

A rigid, ergonomic, low-maintenance washing machine

Larger door diameters: Ø373 (for DHS-11/14) and Ø460 (for DHS-18).
Flip panel: easy access to components.
Equivalent parts for all models: motor, contactors, electronic parts.
Traceability and error diagnosis.

Other notable features of this medium-speed washer

Exterior cabinet in grey skinplate.
Drum and tank in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Detergent drawer with 4 compartments.
Imbalance control by inverter.
Aid system for loading.
Certifications: CB, WRAS and EAC. ETL option.

Additional options for this rigid washing machine from Domus

Double drain (DMS-18/27)
Double 3” external drain (recommended for DHS-14).
Normally closed valve.
Water RECYCLE: recirculation of the wash water.
Card with 6 extra dosage signals. In total, 14 different signals will be available.
NEW Dosing pump kit DQ-2
Option to integrate a printer.
DomusConnect communication.
Silicone gasket.
Reversible door: door opening in the opposite direction.
Tropicalised model: protected plate.
Steam kit to transform an E or HW to steam.
AISI 304 stainless steel exterior container.
Front panel in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Marine voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60
Hz without neutral.
Marine voltage for electric models: 440V III.
Wallet / file kit.
Possibility of installing a door opening timer.