23 de August de 2021

Introducing DOMUSCARE: the perfect solution for laundries in residential care homes, clinics and hospitals

Solutions and equipment designed to ensure maximum hygiene in a residential care home laundry 


One of the major sources of infection in hospitals, clinics and residential care homes is found in the laundry and cross contamination.
Failure to handle laundry correctly while washing may significantly increase the sources of infection, as garments are in contact with the patient or resident at all times.
At Domus we have been designing and marketing advanced solutions and machinery for state-of-the-art laundries for almost 100 years. In this post we want to present the DOMUSCARE concept, and everything it implies for a laundry of this type in terms of productivity, safety, hygiene and energy efficiency.

Laundry for residential care homes and clinics, efficient and connected to the cloud


All Domus machinery has been designed and manufactured with great respect for the environment at all times, achieving a high level of energy efficiency and savings in water and detergent consumption never seen before.
The industrial washer extractors are equipped with the TOUCH II microprocessor, with advanced levels of efficiency and pre-established environmentally-friendly programmes, a large 7” screen, and the option to connect to one of our water recovery tanks, known as ECOTANKS, achieving annual savings in water consumption of up to 70%.
In addition, with respect to savings in energy and the consumption of chemical products, our technology offers everything you need to maximise these.



Another aspect of note is the inclusion of the new DomusConnect system. This allows the user to access the machine via the cloud from a mobile device or a computer, displaying a long list of data to help with decision-making and enabling an exhaustive control of the traceability.
  • Process Control: offers full control of all the factors involved in the wash cycle. These include the programmes, temperatures, cycles run and currently running, data analysis, historical data…, all of which serve to guarantee quality and hygiene at any point in the process.
  • Service improvement: DomusConnect offers you reliable, accessible and intuitive information about the machines. This will allow you to detect and solve problems, errors and faults remotely, greatly improving customer service.
  • Business management: data analysis and traceability are essential aspects for making the right decisions about productivity, performance, turnover, annual savings…


Industrial front-loading washer extractors and barrier washers designed for laundries in residential care homes of the future 

On our Web page you will find a wide variety of machines for industrial and sanitary barrier laundries, with different models and capacities to allow you to adapt to the size and volume of work of any residential home or hospital.
In addition, the best way to avoid cross contamination, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety throughout the process, can be found in our advanced barrier washers.
These have been designed to be separated by a wall, with one door on the dirty side and one door on the clean side. This helps to ensure that the dirty laundry never comes into contact with the clean laundry.

Our industrial and barrier washers for laundries in residential care homes 

We would like to offer you the best solution for your residential laundry. At Domus we offer advice based on the number of residents and the daily quantities of laundry to be processed, as well as the available space.

We also have a wide range of front-loading washer extractors, with a specific option for washing mops, improving the hygiene of the laundry and of all the spaces, while leaving the mops in perfect condition and preventing blocked drains in the washer.

Ozone cabinets for laundries in residential care homes 


In conjunction with everything we have shown you, this year we have launched a full line of ozone cabinets. Cabinets designed to deodorise and disinfect clothing, accessories and materials using ozone, in a natural way, without the need for chemical products of any kind.

In addition, these cabinets are able to remove bad odours such as the smell of tobacco, sweat, urine, pets, mould, paint… We have three models available in stock, with a capacity of 313, 626 or 1252 litres.

RFID technology in clothes for increased control and better traceability 

Residential care homes for the elderly usually process large volumes of laundry every day, belonging to both the staff and residents.

Although all the garments are marked with the name of the owner, classification is always tricky. According to studies conducted by the care homes, the volume of errors in classification can be as much as 7%.

Loss of garments or disorganisation. Factors which tend to lead to discomfort or dissatisfaction among the residents and their families.

At Domus, we offer RFID or radiofrequency technology applied to laundries, designed to streamline the classification process and reduce the loss of garments to zero.

To find out more about our DomusCare solutions or to request personalised advice and a cost estimate, just contact our commercial department, by phone on (+34) 93 888 71 53 or by e-mail at export@domuslaundry.com. We will answer all your questions and help you with anything you need!