• Clean+us: a small laundry space for all types of businesses

    Are you thinking about setting up a small self-service laundry business, but you have very limited space? With the Clean+us formula from DOMUS, everything will be much easier. We have three options for you, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • What are the uses of ozone in industrial laundries?

    Did you know that ozone is a gas that can be used to achieve high performance in laundry washing and disinfection? It is a highly efficient system in terms of energy and cost reduction, and it is environmentally friendly and safer than other systems.

  • An ozone cabinet specially designed to deodorise and sanitise clothing, materials and accessories

    DOMUS ozone cabinets for disinfecting clothes - discover the many advantages!

  • All the advantages, both for managers and users, of our Clean&Go shops

    What are the advantages of Clean&Go shops? Find out in this post!

  • The mobile laundry of the future arrives from Domus: Do you already know Clean&Move?

    In Domus we have developed a system of transportable modules, with the possibility of being equipped with the most advanced technology and washing equipment.

  • Setting up a laundry business with the Clean&Move modules by Domus

    Set up a laundry with modules. Quick and easy!