STACK DYNAMIC industrial clothes dryer: double drum, high performance and maximum efficiency

As manufacturers of machinery for industrial laundries, we are pleased to introduce the new STACK DYNAMIC dryer. With this model, we are looking at a very advanced industrial clothes dryer with a double drum and a series of features that will leave you speechless.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that it comes with the new TOUCH II series and it offers great connectivity with all the advantages that this brings for all parties. If you are interested in this new line of efficient dryers, continue reading and you will see everything that they can offer you. Below, we show you all the features and strong points of these industrial clothes dryers for laundries. 

An industrial clothes dryer with the new TOUCH II

User friendly and totally programmable 7” Touch II
USB Connection. Online platform free of charge for
programming, telemetry, data analysis…thanks to the IoT
Videos on display (ads, instructions, etc.)
37 languages

Outstanding features of this industrial dryer

Reversing drum action as standard
Stainless steel drum as standard
Frequency inverter as standard

An industrial dryer with maximum energy efficiency

DOUBLE FLOW – mixed axial-radial airflow
Big fluff filter

New TURBO gas heated model: more power to achieve more productivity.

Another feature is its great versatility

Make to order – customisation
OPL > Multivending – Standard OPL model easily trasformable
to coin laundry uses

Maximum connectivity due to its advanced technology

IoT- Domus Connect Standard
Management of laundries: OPL and COIN
Remote payment (coin-laundry)

Efficient and designed to facilitate day-to-day work

Drawer as fluff filter, stainless steel mesh
Biggest door diameters

A low maintenance industrial clothes dryer

Hinged control panel: easy and ergonomic access
Technical menu: statistics for technicians and maintenance
with external console (with console option)

Other complementary features

Grey skinplate outer casing, stainless steel look
SOFT DRY – new drum with stamped holes
COOL DOWN – anti-wrinkle at the end of the cycle
Heating options: electric, gas
CE approved

Optional features for rotating drum dryers

• EFFICIENT DRY – Intelligent humidity control. Temperature probe at drum inlet.
• Double door glass
• SFEX – Integrated Fire Extinguishing System
• Tropicalized model
• Opposite door opening
• Dosing-spraying
• Back panel external air + filter
• Fluff filter with grid 0,3 mm (st andard in STACK is 0,6mm)
• Stainless steel front and side panels
• Frontal panel in stainless steel
• Maritime wooden packing
• Ship voltage for electric models:
440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral
• Other voltages available