A washing machine with excellent features for all types of laundries

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With this new line of professional washing machines, we have # launched machines onto the market that have no reason to envy their older siblings in terms of energy efficiency, washing quality, ergonomics or connectivity, they have been designed to satisfy the washing needs of small businesses such as gyms, hairdressers, bazaars, dry cleaners, nurseries, beauty salons…

Moreover, these washing machines are also the ideal solution for service companies thanks to their “Ready for mops” system, designed especially to wash, process and extend the use life of mops.

Dust, dirt, sand…, are not a problem for our machines. The construction design of the pump and its “soft mount” chassis optimise the cleaning work of the mop and the life of the washing machine.

It is important to mention that they incorporate as standard the new TOUCH II microprocessor, with features that have been specially designed to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency. It has a large 4.3” touch screen with the option of displaying instructional videos, controlling the traceability or adjusting the levels of water and detergent according to the load, with 8 standard dosing signals and the possibility of configuring it in 37 different languages, among other advanced functions.

In terms of maintenance, it is characterised for the simplicity of all of its parts, its excellent ergonomics and the possibility of solving most technical incidents remotely, practically and functionally.

With the DOMUS CONNECT system, we have incorporated a communication kit based on IOT to manage your laundry from your mobile, monitor machines in real time, save data on the cloud and much more.

Ultimately, a machine designed to provide you with a quality, fast, flexible and affordable service. Exactly what you need.

Characteristics of the Heavy Professional washing machine from Domus

Below, we will show you all of the characteristics and features of the new line of Heavy Professional washing machines:

Versatility is one of its main strengths

  • It is a model that can be easily adapted to OPL and coin.
  • Electric <> Hot water.
  • Pump <> Drain valve.
  • Unit <> Stacked (the tumble dryer on top).
  • Ideal for many sectors: restaurants, gyms, campsites, washing mops, apartments, self-service laundries, dry cleaners, nurseries…

A professional washing machine with excellent features

  • It has a high G FACTOR of 450, higher than other similar models on the market.
  • TOUCH II microprocessor, easy to use and fully programmable with a 4.3” touch screen.
  • It has 8 standard dosing signals.
  • It has 2 water inlets.
  • USB port. Free software for programming, traceability, data analysis…
  • Traceability as standard.
  • Wet Cleaning as standard with Touch II control: changeable water levels and speed.
  • The machine is fully prepared for remote communication.
  • It has comprehensive multi-payment systems.
  • Short washing cycles (6 kW of heat output).

Guaranteed washing efficiency

  • It has a smart weighing system for each load.
  • Optimal loading: manual indication of the load weight.
  • Reduced residual humidity and reduced drying time.

Ergonomics and robustness in abundance

  • Exterior unit in skinplate
  • Its door is robust and made of aluminium.
  • Tub, drum and drum paddles in AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • No inner drum seal (muffle). It is much easier to repair and clean.
  • Industrial bearing support and bearings (up to 15,000 operating hours).
  • Same motor and inverter as DOMUS DHS industrial washing machines.
  • Industrial and robust door lock.

Other features of the professional washing machine from Domus

  • Floating washing machines (levelling feet included).
  • LOADING AID: helps loading with water and rotation of the drum.
  • It has a detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
  • It has a frequency inverter to control imbalances.
  • Holds CB, WRAS and EAC certifications. ETL Option.

Additional options for this line of professional washing machines

  • Double drain.
  • Valve-pump transformation kit.
  • Possibility of installing a soap dish on top.
  • Silicone gasket.
  • Door with reversible opening.
  • Tropicalised model: protective board.
  • 6 extra dosing signals: total of up to 14 signals.
  • Draining valve normally closed.
  • Plinth for improved ergonomics.
  • Plinth for mops, with (filter) Itro (only valve models).
  • Plinth for water recovery (includes tank).
  • Exterior unit in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Time-delayed door opening in the event of power outages.
    Maritime voltage 440V III 50/60 Hz no neutral (for electric models).
    Voltage 110-120 V I 50/60 Hz no neutral.
    Coin/token kit.
    Top soapbox

Do you want to receive detailed information and personalised advice?

Our work always starts by listening to you. We know you may have some questions to ask us if you are thinking of making a small investment to improve the laundry of your business.

Call us by phone without any obligation on (+34) 93 888 71 53 or send us an email to domus@domuslaundry.com. You can also complete the form that you will find at this link, so that one of our agents contacts you as soon as possible.

Finally, we recommend you take a look at the ideal companion for our professional washing machines, the Heavy Professional tumble dryer, with features that are revolutionizing the world of drying.

We would also like to recommend that you spend five minutes looking at all the advantages of our Clean+Us modules, designed for all businesses that are considering having a small laundry area, but don’t have a large amount of money to invest.

Choose Domus and you will be choosing a more environmentally friendly, sustainable, advanced and quality laundry, given that, for many years, we have been strongly committed to the environment.