19 de March de 2019

New Heavy Professional Dryer with TOUCH II

The new Heavy Professional Dryers by Domus couple perfectly with our washers as they offer a series of industrial, versatile, robust and efficent features that guarantee a highly competitive tumble dryer in terms of offering a most efficent drying cycle.

With a robust construction and grey skinplate panels, Domus offers Heavy Professional tumble dryers of 8 and 10 kg. There are two different controls: Touch II is a user friendly and fully programmable microprocessor with a 4,3” touch screen; and with the M Programmer you can select time and temperature.

The WET CLEANING is the best program for delicate linen combined with the humidity sensor EFFICIENT DRY optimises the efficiency of the Heavy Professional Dryers.

There is also USB port in TOUCH II models, to program, manage and monitor. An amazing design with versatile features makes the Domus Heavy Professional Tumble Dryers the best solution for your business.

For more information, click the following video: