Laundry equipment specially designed for residential homes and care homes: high performance, efficiency and productivity
Special machinery for residential laundry with important volumes of daily work.
In a hotel, having a work clothes laundry is essential. We can help you!
Hotels and restaurants require a high level of hygiene. It depends, to a large extent, on whether your guests or diners achieve the expected level of comfort or satisfaction.
An industrial flatwork ironer for laundries that is ahead of its time: connectivity, ergonomics and efficiency
We present you a versatile, robust and state-of-the-art industrial laundry flatwork ironer: efficiency and connectivity, coupled with the new Touch II microprocessor.
Washing machines with sanitary barrier and the new microprocessor Touch II
Today we will show you the new DHB series sanitary barrier washing machine, with a load capacity of between 27 and 70 kg depending on the model chosen, and with the new Easy Touch II microprocessor.
How to clean an industrial washing machine?
All Domus industrial washing extractors have been designed with maximum ergonomics in mind, as well as maintenance tasks that are simple, practical and quick to perform.
Hotel Laundry Processes
Domus industrial washing machines, as well as dryers and finishing equipment, will offer you a long list of advantages and features for a hotel laundry.
All Domus washing machines provide a high G Factor
Buying industrial washing machines is not an easy task. If you are looking for washing machines with a high industrial G-Factor, Domus can help you.
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