What new features do our equipment and machine lines for industrial launderettes introduce this 2021?


New models and everything you need to know about our front load and industrial washing machines 

This year we have launched new models with capacities of 35kg and 45kg in the low speed washing line, and 35, 45, 100 and 120 kgin the high-speed washing machines.

These are more compact and efficient models, which are destined to become a benchmark in the industrial launderette machinery market, with their advanced features, maximum quality washing cycle, as well as unprecedented levels of productivity and energy efficiency.

The first thing to note is that all Domus industrial models have been designed to function and be controlled by IoT, with all the advantages that this entails for both users and managers of a launderette.

With the incorporation of the new TOUCH II microprocessor, we are offering the possibility to view illustrative videos and advertisements on its large screen. The microprocessor can be configured in 38 different languages and is accessible to users from virtually anywhere in the world.

Something very important for industrial launderettes is the ability to control traceability and closely monitor the data analysis of each wash cycle. This is can be achieved extremely easily in our washing machines, thanks to this modern microprocessor.

When it comes to energy efficiency, these are without a doubt the most efficient and environmentally friendly models on the market. Our washing machines incorporate ecological programs, are designed to work with Wet Cleaning and can be connected to a water recovery tank, among other advanced features.

But we must not forget to mention another of the most notable new features in our washing machines: the Heavy Professional line. Starting this year, we are offering the option to have the soap dispenser on the top of the machine. This can be very useful if you do not want to access the detergent dispenser from the front, as happens, for example, in self-service models with liquid dispensing systems.

New features of the single drum and double drum tumble dryers from our catalogue 


In this case, we have incorporated a 14kg model in all ranges of dryers with a drum: ECO-ENERGY, DYNAMIC, COMFORT and ESSENTIAL.

But one of the new features that we would like to highlight more is that all our double drum dryers have a turbo mode. This allows you to reduce drying time by half, offering the best drying quality and improving profitability and efficiency. In addition, we must not forget to mention that all our dryers have the new TOUCH II as standard with a 7” screen.

You will also find different ranges, including the STACK DYNAMIC, STACK COMFORT and STACK ESSENTIAL.

For example, the DYNAMIC line has been designed to give total control of the cycles through IoT, allowing you to monitor the traceability of each drying cycle from your mobile phone. Furthermore, they adapt very easily to self-service models, offering great versatility.

What new features do our wall flatwork ironers offer in 2021?

The third limb of our launderettes is found in the industrial ironing equipment, and more specifically in our latest generation wall flatwork ironers. These flatwork ironers are designed to offer a superlative degree of connectivity thanks to the IoT, and the incorporation of the TOUCH II microprocessor as standard (in the 500 and 650mm roller diameter models).

It is worth highlighting its OPTIMAL FEEDING system, capable of adjusting the ironing speed; reducing it when flat linen is introduced and increasing it to achieve maximum production when necessary, up to 15m/minute, all autonomously and intelligently.

There are different models for you to choose from according to your daily work volume and the space you have available in your launderette.

Finally, we invite you to take a look at the high-production flatwork ironers which are compact and capable of processing up to 290kg of flat linen per hour, in a space of 27m². These are the SSP y SPE models available on our website.

The touch screen control allows easy and intuitive handling of the machine, with a high degree of flexibility to adjust any of the folding or ironing parameters. In short, they offer you high productivity, top quality ironing and low maintenance all in a smaller sized machine.

Ask for more information or a detailed quote for our industrial  washing machines for launderettes and other equipment in our catalogue, without having to commit

 lavadoras industriales para lavandería


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