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Our ozone cabinet for clothing

We are a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial, hotel and healthcare laundry machinery. On this page you will find our ozone cabinet, whose advanced features and special design make it ideal for all garments that cannot be washed with traditional machinery.

What is an ozone cabinet?

The ozone cabinet is designed to deodorise and sanitise all types of clothing, accessories and materials using ozone.

The aim is to clean garments and accessories naturally and without chemicals. There is no question that it is the ideal accessory for self-service launderettes.

Ozone is a compound that has a blue hue, while, in liquid state, depending on the temperature, it is indigo in colour. It is highly oxidising by nature, a factor whichgives it enormous disinfecting and purifying power and makes it capable of eliminating the vast majority of known pathogens.

ozone cabinet for laundries

The effectiveness of each ozone molecule—made up of three oxygen atoms—makes ozonation treatments cost-effective and avoids the use of chemical products, resulting in a deeper and safer cleaning.

This eco-friendly disinfectant does not harm the skin or the environment and eliminates micro-organisms and bad smells from less frequently washed clothes, such as jackets, coats, scarves or woollen garments. 

How do ozone cabinets work?

The cabinet is designed to maintain a tight seal throughout the entire process. One ozonation treatment must last a minimum of 10 minutes, where the concentration reaches up to 7 ppm.

The user starts by filling the cabinet where the ozone will be produced. The ozone cabinet takes oxygen (O2) from the environment and, through a process of controlled electrical discharges, converts it into ozone (O3).

Secondly, the user turns on the cabinet and lets it run for a few minutes. It will begin concentrating ozone in the compartment with the material to be disinfected before destroying the ozone using filters that are changed every 2,000 washes. 

Lastly, the user empties the cabinet to find garments and accessories that are fully deodorised and ready for use.

Different ozone cabinets

The three available models are the ECO3 300, with one shelf and no hanging rail, the ECO3 600, with 2 shelves and 1 hanging rail, and the ECO3 1250, with 4 shelves and 1 hanging rail.

Key features of this ozone cabinets

  • Grey skinplate design

  • OPL or self-service options

  • 3 available capacities
  • Door lock with dual electromagnet
  • Cycle status indicator light
  • No need for external ventilation
  • Easily replaceable activated carbon filter for destroying ozone
  • As additional features, extra shelves can be added, the feet can be replaced by castors and the skinplate can be coloured.
ozone laundry cabinet

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Our ozone cabinet is proof that users can achieve a high-quality cleaning standard with a focus on environmental protection.

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