• Truly efficient industrial washing machines and tumble dryers

    Now more than ever, investing in efficient machinery is essential to ensure a profitable industrial laundry business: gas and electricity prices are sky high and we have to save as much as possible.

  • The new ironers and ironers from Domus: we present all their features and advantages

    Domus industrial flatwork ironers are a magnificent option to achieve optimal results and finishes.

  • The main features of hospital linen washing machines

    With everything we have experienced over the last couple of years, hospital laundries have become extremely important. At these kinds of facilities, nosocomial infections are common, and soiled or bloodstained linen is undoubtedly one of the most critical areas to consider.

  • Sale of wall-mounted flatwork and high-productivity ironers

    Flatwork ironers are independent ironing machines that are perfect for any laundry that needs to iron large volumes of flatwork every day, guaranteeing the best quality finishes. 

  • Extend the life of your industrial dryer and improve its performance with these simple tips

    In industrial dryers, as with domestic dryers, the cleanliness of their components will largely determine the performance and efficiency of the machine.

  • What is the difference between a wall ironer and a flatwork ironer?

    Learn the difference between a flatwork ironer and a wall ironer, so you can choose the machine best suited to your business needs. If you are setting up or redesigning your industrial laundry, you probably have some doubts and are unsure about exactly which equipment to choose.