Available models: DTB-11 HP, DTB-18 HP, DTB-23 HP.

This range is the most efficient one. The air is recovered 100%, in a closed circuit, and the electric consumption is reduced in a 50 to 75% compared to other models.
With in-built coiner (extra option) or for central pay, this range is also ideal for facilities with limited
access to the exterior, as these models do not need exhaust, but a drain for condensed water.
As well as all standard features in COMFORT range, these include the EFFICIENT DRY moisture control and SFEX fire extinguisher as standard.

Panels in grey skinplate, stainless steel look.
Digital Control.
Stainless steel drum.
Reverse drum action.
EFFICIENT DRY (Intelligent Moisture Control).
Fire extinguishing system.
New big drawer for lint filter.
Electronic control Reverse action Stainless Steel Drum Double flow Soft Dry Heat Pump Efficient Dry SFEX Full screen filter
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