Professional laundry equipment

Our line of professional machinery for laundry services

At Domus, we would like to introduce you to our line of professional laundry machinery, Heavy Professional, specifically designed to meet the washing and drying needs of a long list of businesses, such as hotels, campsites, petrol stations, self-service launderettes, gyms and more.

It is our direct response to the need for robust, eco-friendly, efficient and, above all, highly versatile equipment with an excellent quality-price ratio to all customers who need it. Both the washer and the dryer are manufactured with high quality materials and components, as well as advanced features in terms of energy efficiency, process quality, durability and connectivity.

Domus professional washers

These new professional washers for laundry services are an authentic revolution in the field thanks to their range of features and advanced technology.

Firstly, the fact that they spin at high speeds without needing to be anchored to the floor brings a multitude of advantages.

Their most noteworthy technical features include a soap dispenser with 4 compartments, tub and drum in AISI 304 stainless steel, 2 standard water inlets for hot and cold, and G-factor 450, which is far superior to other similar models on the market.

Thanks to the incorporation of the new standard TOUCH II programmer, our washing machines have become a benchmark in the sector. They have a large 4.3” touch screen, which can display illustrative videos and tutorials, USB port and software to easily enter, customise or delete washing programmes.

They are equipped to operate with WET CLEANING by modifying the water levels and speed in specific programmes, especially for delicates. They have 8 standard dosing options, comprehensive traceability control of each cycle and can be configured in 38 different languages, making it a user-friendly washing machine for people all over the globe.

In short, this is a professional washing machine designed to save money and optimise annual water and detergent consumption. As if that weren’t enough, it is easily convertible to a self-service model by installing a multi-payment system.

Not least of all, the washer also features the new DOMUS CONNECT system, which gives a degree of connectivity never seen before.

Domus professional dryers

This professional dryer is the perfect sidekick for Domus washers, also 8 and 10 kg, from the same range.

We’re talking about a highly competitive, robust and energy-efficient machine capable of offering the best drying results on the market today for models of this size and characteristics.

As with the washing machines, it has a TOUCH II microprocessor, improved airflow inside the drum and an efficient and innovative design.

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