New installation Wet Cleaning

New installation Wet Cleaning (Modul'eau system by Romera) with a Domus DHS-18 TOUCH II and a dryer DTP-18 in the region Yvelines. Once again we are trusted to start a laundry business. Thanks to Domus constant development, our models are equipped with features to use WET CLEANING program. They include a fully programmable T2 Control. 

The Wet Cleaning system brings back the cleanliness and freshness to the most delicate garments, with the use of water. Wet Cleaning technology is the perfect solution to Dry Cleaning, mostly because nowadays 80% of stains are soluble in water. 

DOMUS heavy professional and industrial washers with new TOUCH II microprocessor offer a user-friendly and ideal programming for Wet Cleaning System. All models, from 8 to 120 kg, are equipped with outstanding features like drum and tub in stainless steel, Hot & Cold Mix (automatic water mixing), Efficient Drum to improve the mechanical action, etc.

If you want to have more information you can download the Wet Cleaning Catalogue.

New facilities

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