Sanitary Washing

Washing machine for healthcare laundry services

Washing linen in a hospital and healthcare environment is a complex process that requires the proper laundry machinery. 

At Domus, we would like to introduce you to our washing machines with sanitary barrier for hospitals, health centres and cleanrooms (facilities where environmental parameters and air pollution levels are closely monitored).  

The nature of hospital linen and its potential for contamination, as well as the threat of nosocomial infections, force hospital administrators to take a number of measures to ensure that linen is completely disinfected. This is where our barrier washing machines for healthcare laundry services play a fundamental role.

Our catalogue of washing machines for healthcare laundry services

Domus’ lines of washing machines with sanitary barrier are highly advanced and are designed to prevent nosocomial infections or other common forms of contagion caused by contact with soiled linen.  They have been specially designed to guarantee the safety of all hospital employees and patients thanks to, among other advanced features, their double-door system.

Furthermore, our industry-leading team of professionals are specialists in the manufacture of next-generation machinery for healthcare laundry services.

With these healthcare washing machines, Domus has succeeded in launching the market’s highest performing equipment with a large load capacity and the guarantee that your laundry service will always have the best conditions in terms of safety and hygiene.


An ergonomic washing machine designed to optimise performance and thoroughly disinfect garments, with large doors for easy loading and unloading.

The drum opens easily, and the machine requires no major maintenance. Thanks to the TOUCH II microprocessor, it has an easy-to-use, programmable 4.3″ touch screen.

It has pre-set eco-friendly wash cycles and 8 dosing options with USB connection, including software to add more cycles, control traceability, perform comprehensive data analysis, and much more

DHB-27, 35, 50, 70 TOUCH II

Industrial washing machine for hospitals that offers all the hygiene and safety guarantees for both employees and patients. 

It has a number of state-of-the-art features that make this washing machine ahead of its time.

It boasts the new TOUCH II, G-factor 375 and high efficiency thanks to the Optimal Loading system, as well as a manual load weight display and steam, electric or dual heating, etc.

The high G-factor reduces residual moisture for a much shorter drying time. It is designed to optimise the entire laundry management process in hospital settings.


A high performance hospital laundry machine featuring a programmable TOUCH II microprocessor with display on both sides of the machine and the option to customise all cycles.

Users can choose between electric or steam heating. It has automatic drum positioning with motor brake, 3 water inlets with double drainage and G-factor 325. It includes a Pullman partition of the drum which makes it easy to open using a push button.

Designed for large hospitals, it has a load capacity of 100 kg.

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We would like to finish by reminding you that we also have a wide range of industrial laundry machinery with all kinds of equipment to optimise and improve the productivity of your laundry service.