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How do you set up a self-service laundry?

With DOMUS, starting up a self-service laundry business is something you will find easy, affordable and safe in equal parts.

Firstly, it should be stressed that we offer you the possibility of opening a self-service laundry business with many of the advantages offered by a franchise, but without being one.

In this sense, we will accompany you throughout the entire process of opening and we will advise you in everything necessary: machinery, design, legislation, training...

We will provide all of the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years, with more than five thousand self-service washing machines and hundreds of laundries set up around the planet, at your disposal from the beginning.


How do Clean & Go by Domus Coin Laundries work?

Clean & Go laundries are totally autonomous, without staff, they use latest generation machines, they automatically dispense detergent, which always guarantees an optimum and ecological wash quality.


Advantages for the owner

  • Comprehensive advice at no cost
  • We are not a franchise
  • Business model without the need for staff
  • Ease of installation
  • Wide ranging target audience
  • Highly efficient and environmentally friendly machinery which optimises the consumption of water, energy and detergent
  • Connectivity: comfortable daily management at a distance (automation system)

Advantages for the customer

  • Extensive opening hours (open 365 days per year with extensive opening hours
  • Working is simple and easy to manage
  • Affordable price (For less than € 10 you can wash and dry up to 18kg of clothing)
  • Time saving (you can wash and dry in less than an hour and have a coffee while you enjoy the Wi-Fi area)
  • Quality and hygiene (The clothing is treated with professional products and does not mix with that belonging to other customers)


Why start up a Clean & Go self-service laundry business?

Because we offer you a comprehensive advice service, specialised in a proven and highly profitable business model, that you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with.

Is it easy to manage a Clean & Go self-service laundry?

Yes, it doesn't require staff and, as if that wasn't enough, we offer the possibility of automating the entire shop, practically being able to manage it completely from your mobile device without any type of complications.

What machines does Clean & Go use?

Clean & Go uses DOMUS machines, a Spanish multinational company present in more than 150 countries and dedicated exclusively to manufacturing latest generation machines for all types of laundries.

Who chooses the premises where my Clean & Go laundry will be located?

In agreement with you, we accompany the search, selection and negotiation of the ideal premises, if necessary.

Does Clean & Go help me in terms of marketing and advertising?

Yes, we make available to you the Clean & Go Brand Manual, along with the type design of a shop, from the posters to the signage, leaflets and other concepts with the Clean&Go aesthetics, so you don't have to worry about designing all of these details. You will only need to adapt it to your needs and print or paint.

Do I have to pay any right of entry and royalties?

No, however, Clean & Go provides the 3 fundamental advantages of a franchise (right to use the brand / training / support) but without charging for right of entry, advertising royalties, or sales royalties. This means that the revenue from your laundry business is entirely for you.

How much capital do I need to open a Clean & Go self-service laundry?

We have designed different business models to cover a wide range of budgets, depending on the capital you want to allocate or you have available.
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