12 de December de 2020

We have a wide range of washing machines that incorporate this special solution for mops

Ready for Mops is designed to extend the use life and optimise the use of mops in all types of laundries and businesses  


At Domus , we have always focussed on the design and manufacture of the most suitable, advanced and efficient machinery that will enable us to guarantee the hygiene of those businesses that currently require the highest standards, emphasising all of the companies from the services sector that, for example, use mops regularly to mop the floor or remove dirt.

With the new Ready for Mops technology, we have ensured that our washing machines offer an optimum care and preparation of each mop, regardless of the material they are made of – cotton, polyester, microfibre, synthetic materials… – and they are perfect for processing all types of existing mops with the best results.

The external agents that usually contaminate them, such as dust, dirt or sand cause no problems whatsoever for our industrial machinery. The construction design of the pump of the washing machine and its “soft mount” chassis optimise the cleaning work of the mop to the maximum.

This has been possible thanks to the fact that we know the process perfectly and we listen to our chemical product suppliers, enabling us to develop versatile washing machines, with a high performance and efficiency guaranteed. Machines belonging to a 21st century laundry.

Other features of our washing machines for mops: a drum designed to extend the life of the mop and leave it in the best conditions for use  

The drum of our washing machines for mops has been designed especially for it, always guaranteeing the best results thanks to the features and characteristics that we will outline below:


  1. We have managed to adapt the spin speed to achieve the percentage of residual humidity that provides the best performance possible for each mop.
  2. Thanks to the incorporation of the new TOUCH II, you will have a system that fully controls the movements of the pump.
  3. A paddle with holes in it has been installed to increase the movement of the water in each washing cycle, up to 3 times more.
  4. The design of the holes in the drum is created to remove the dirt from the mops with a high degree of efficiency, without damaging or breaking them, extending their use life.
  5. We cannot forget to mention that the door of our range of industrial washing machines is large in size in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of linen and mops.
  6. The Heavy Professional line of professional washing machines also has the option of installing a platform for mops – a box with a special filter at the bottom of the washing machine-, designed for smaller businesses, in conjunction with the technical features and characteristics of this professional range.
  7. Furthermore, the industrial washing machines also offer the option of being connected to one of our ECOTANK water recovery tanks, which enable the inlets and outlets of water and special products to be controlled, leaving the mop ready for specific uses.

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