Laundry accessories

The importance of accessories for laundry services

Domus firmly believes that accessories are key to providing an efficient and professional laundry service. Our catalogue includes accessories for industrial, healthcare and commercial laundry services and self-service launderettes.

Our goal is to optimise the work performed in these spaces, maximising the output of ironing, folding and wrapping, as well as expediting the transport of the customers’ linen.

Transport and storage elements for laundry services

Adequate trolleys and racks make it easier to handle and move linen and help prevent injuries caused by repetitive tasks. These tools also ensure that linen does not end up on the floor after washing or drying.

The three types of laundry trolleys

Dry linen trolleys

Dry linen trolleys are equipped with bags to easily transport linen that has not yet been dampened and are intended for room service in hotels, where a large amount of dry linen is collected.

  • CS-115 / 212 /365: White wire mesh trolley with four rubber wheels for transporting linen.

  • RS-90 / 140 / 200 / 380: Tube structure with epoxy treatment that stands up to corrosion. Nylon bag. Foldable structure with four castor wheels.

  • CSH-4 / CSH-3: Has 3 or 4 trays and two bags on each side for use in hotel rooms and care homes. Four castor wheels.

Wet linen trolleys

Wet linen trolleys are specifically designed to easily transport linen once it has been dampened. They are available in simple models or models with a self-levelling base.

  • RHG-200 / 400 / 600: Features a tap at the bottom and a white basin made of fibreglass. Four nylon castor wheels.

  • RH-250 / 400 / 600: White basin made of polyethylene and a highly durable steel platform. Two built-in white wheels measuring 125 cm on each side.

  • FM-200 / 300 / 600: Made of ionised aluminium with rubber side buffers. Includes a self-levelling inner base designed to maintain a constant height. Two fixed wheels and two castor wheels.

Cage trolleys

Cage trolleys are used for transporting soiled linen in hospital and industrial laundry services. Made of wire mesh, they have an open front or door that slides down.

  • CS-1203 / CS-2004:Designed for transporting dry linen. The CS-1203 model is made of durable rust-proof steel wire mesh, and the CS-2004 comes with 20 compartments and includes a handle and rubber wheels.

  • PAK-1: Made of durable rust-proof steel wire mesh. Two fixed wheels and two castor wheels. Available with doors and extra shelves upon request

  • PAK-5 / PAK-7:Transports dry linen. Trolley with a metal base, bottom and two doors. Two wheels measuring 125 cm with brake on each side.

Portable garment rack

Portable garment racks are specially designed to transport laundry once the washing process has been completed and the garments are ready.

  • C-PER: Garment racks made of chromed steel that can be disassembled and fitted as needed. Four castor wheels with guards.  Diameter of 100 mm.

  • CSH-3 / CSH-4: Cart with three or four trays, depending on the model, and two bags on each side for hotel and home care room service. Four castor wheels.

Wrapping machines

Laundry wrapping machines come into play in the final stage of the order preparation process in dry cleaning and industrial laundry services.

  • BM / BMP: Wall-mounted or standing wrapping machines for shirts and trousers. Designed especially for dry cleaners.

  • BMT: Table-top wrapping machine for plain-weave and terry linen, specially designed for launderettes. Manually operated using the arm.

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