Launderette equipment

Our catalogue of machinery for self-service laundry

At Domus, you will find a manufacturer whose quality guarantee is backed by a long history in the self-service laundry industry. Our self-service laundry machines are designed to work completely autonomously and to adapt easily to self-service models.

They have superior energy efficiency and connectivity features, and they are durable, highly versatile and low-maintenance.

Below you will find all the models in our self-service catalogue: washers, dryers and other items such as ozone cabinets, dosing kits and payment systems.

Washers for self-service laundry

Our self-service washers are extremely versatile and adapt seamlessly to any type of facility or space.  Both our professional line of machinery and our industrial models are suitable for self-service launderettes. 

In all cases, these machines are designed to work all day long, every day of the year, thanks to the quality of the components and the materials and the superior energy efficiency they offer.

They feature the new TOUCH II microprocessor, which, in addition to incorporating environmentally friendly programmes as standard, has a large touch screen and can be configured in 37 different languages for users all over the globe.

What’s more, if you need it, we offer a range of technical advice on regulations, machinery selection, training, etc. We are the ideal partner to set up your space or to help you open your own self-service launderette.

Dryers for self-service laundry

Along with washing machines, we also have an extensive list of dryers that can be easily adapted to self-service models. 

Accordingly, we have the model from our professional line, as well as industrial models with a single or double drum. 

It is worth mentioning that our double drum dryers have a turbo programme, which dries the same amount of laundry in half the time, making them more efficient and further reducing the cost of each drying cycle.

When it comes to choosing the right washer and dryer to make your space or self-service launderette as profitable, productive and efficient as possible, it is important to determine the physical characteristics of the facilities, the working hours and the type of garments to be treated by users.

Do not hesitate to ask us for help if you need it — we are 100% dedicated to every customer and every project.

Other essential machines in a self-service launderette

In our catalogue of self-service laundry machines you will also find other essential or complementary units:

  • Ozone cabinets for self-service laundry: this is one machine you can’t do without. It’s designed for even deeper hygiene and a more complete service at your self-service launderette. It allows you to sanitise and deodorise all types of garments that cannot be washed in a washing machine. Without the use of chemicals, it eliminates unpleasant odours and pathogens on helmets, jackets, gloves, delicate garments and more.

  • Payment system: allows 8 machines to be controlled at once and includes software for remote control. Payment can be made through a bank payment form without PIN and with cards provided directly by our company.

  • Dosing kits:crucial elements used to administer the required amount of detergent with minimum product waste in each cycle.

  • Change machine: essential units in self-service launderettes that allow users to change notes into coins.

  • Lockers: 3 combinations are available: Lock 7, 11 or 14. They provide security, confidence and more convenience to users.

Fabricantes de maquinaria para lavandería industrial

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