Industrial laundry equipment

Our catalogue of machinery for industrial laundry services 

In this section of the website you will find the digital catalogue of Domus’ machinery for industrial laundry services. Here we have the most modern machines and equipment with systems specially designed for saving energy and consuming less water and detergent.  We like to offer a tailored solution for each type of customer and laundry service.

Industrial washers

Let’s start with the industrial washers, where you will find models with 3 spin speeds — high, medium and low — that combine the latest, most cutting-edge washing technology with the highest quality components and materials. These factors guarantee optimum performance and the highest level of energy efficiency available to date.

Meanwhile, thanks to the addition of the new TOUCH II, a revolutionary microprocessor with advanced features, you will be able to use eco-friendly programmes and WET CLEANING, designed to save water and detergent and wash all types of garments, even the most delicate.

This processor also includes comprehensive software to monitor traceability and perform data analysis in real time, which is crucial in some industrial laundries, especially dry cleaners.

All the washers stand out for their ease of operation and intuitive programming, which allows them to adapt to any type of laundry service and also be easily converted into self-service models.

Aseptic washers or washers with sanitary barrier

With all that we have experienced in recent years, these types of washers have become more necessary than ever in hospitals and medical centres, as they minimise the risk of nosocomial infections caused by contact with soiled linen.

This machinery guarantees the highest level of hygiene thanks to the physical barrier between the two spaces: the soiled linen side and the clean linen side.

Keep in mind that, in hospitals, the risk of infections, bacteria and contaminants is high. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for blood and other potentially dangerous fluids to get on clothing.

This is where washers with sanitary barrier play a very important role, and thanks to their advanced features they are the best option for achieving the highest level of hygiene, disinfection and safety: automatic drum positioning with motor brake, 3 different water inlets, G-factor 325, electric or steam heating, smart weighing system, large doors to facilitate loading and unloading, floating drum with no need for anchoring, etc.

As you can see, we offer advanced machines thanks to the innovative approach of our R&D department over the past years.

ECOTANK water recovery tank

We can’t forget to mention that our industrial washing machines can be connected to a water recovery tank called the ECOTANK.

It is designed to save up to 70% of water and detergent over the course of a year, as it reuses both water and detergent in subsequent washing.

Available for our entire range of industrial washing machines, this is an indispensable element in any modern, eco-responsible and 21st century laundry service.

Industrial dryers: single drum, double drum and heat pump

We also invite you to explore our section dedicated to industrial dryers, as they are the perfect sidekick for any of our washers.

If you decide to buy the washer and dryer together, you will notice an unmistakable before and after in terms of optimising and improving processes in your laundry service.

We offer three different ranges of industrial dryers; single drum models, double drum models and models that operate with a heat pump.

All boast advanced performance, high energy efficiency, high ergonomics and minimal maintenance. Take a few moments to watch this video to see its lengthy list of strengths.

Wall-mounted flatwork ironers and finishing equipment for industrial laundry services

We have always argued that the third leg of any industrial laundry service is found in the wall-mounted flatwork ironers.

These machines are specially designed for laundry services that have to process large quantities of flat-weave linen on a daily basis and are always looking for top quality finishes.

In this case, we have two types of flatwork ironerswall-mounted and high production.

Users should choose the model according to the amount of space available, as well as the specific ironing needs of the laundry service.

Elsewhere, we have an extensive section of finishing equipment, including finishing cabinets, form finishers, ironing tables, spotting tables, etc.

To request information, technical advice or a detailed quote for any of our industrial laundry machines, simply click on the button below and fill in the contact form, and one of our sales associates will call you.