Industrial tumble dryers

Our catalogue of industrial dryers

Presenting all our industrial dryer lines: single drumdouble drum or the most efficient models on the market, dryers with heat pump

They boast a host of features that result in technologically advanced, trustworthy and ergonomic machines and the perfect sidekick for our industrial washers.

Single drum and double drum industrial dryers

On this page you will find models with different capacities, ranging from 11 to 80 kg, in four different lines — ECO ENERGY, DYNAMIC, COMFORT and ESSENTIAL — and we would like to show you some of their key features below.

Smart air recirculation for maximum energy savings, insulated panels to prevent heat loss and ensure good thermal insulation, smart humidity control to optimise the drying cycle, stainless steel drum with recessed perforations for reduced stress on linen, built-in fire protection system (depending on the range), large loading door with 180º opening, etc.

The COOL DOWN system is another feature that cools garments in the final stage to avoid unwanted wrinkles.

We offer single drum and double drum models. As a new development, our double-drum dryers have a turbo mode that dries the same amount of laundry in half the time of a normal drying programme.

This increases the efficiency of these next-generation industrial dryers even more.

Dryer with heat pump

We are proud to present the benchmark model of the new ECOVOLUTION concept. With it, we want to launch machines on to the market that prioritise energy efficiency above all else, without sacrificing the best in drying performance.

Designed with a heat pump system, these machines will allow you to reduce energy consumption in your industrial laundry service by more than 60%.

These easy-to-use dryers have the new and advanced TOUCH II programmer whose features will leave you speechless: large 7” touch screen where you can show videos and tutorials to users, rigorous traceability and data analysis of each drying cycle and configuration in 37 different languages, making it accessible and intuitive for everyone.

What’s more, since they do not require vapour extraction, they can be installed easily in any space, including rooms with no outdoor exhaust. They are equipped for connection to a payment system and come in two ranges with similar features to the single and double drum ranges, except for the heat pump system.

They feature a large, easy-to-clean lint filter. We designed them with ergonomics in mind and with a clear emphasis on the simplicity of all components, a factor that contributes to relatively low maintenance requirements.

In addition, this dryer with heat pump features a technical menu with statistics, data retrieval for after-sales service, software updates, etc. And if you opt for the Domus Connect service, you’ll have access to all the information on your laptop or mobile device, wherever you are.

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