ONE POCKET DLM-11-14-18-22-28-35 ESSENTIAL

Industrial dryer machine: low prices and advanced performance with the Essential range by Domus

As manufacturers of machinery for industrial laundries, we would like to show you a low cost industrial dryer machine with very good performance and which offers great efficiency. For those companies that have laundries with a medium level volume of work, we present an ergonomic model that does not require any large scale maintenance. Below, we provide details of all the features and strong points of these industrial dryer machines for laundries.

Benefits worth highlighting and evaluating

New M programmer: push buttons to control
temperature and time

Industrial dryer machine: very competitive prices and great versatility

Reversing drum action as standard
Frequency inverter as standard
Galvanized drum as standard
Make to order – customisation
OPL > Multivending – Standard OPL model easily trasformable
to coin laundry uses

This industrial dryer machine is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency

Big fluff filter

With this dryer you can practically forget about maintenance tasks

Hinged control panel: easy and ergonomic access
Technical menu: statistics for technicians and maintenance
with external console (with console option)
Easy to access to components.

Other interesting features of the Essential range

White painted panels
COOL DOWN – anti-wrinkle at the end of the cycle
Heating options: electric, gas and steam
CE approved

Complimentary options from the Essential range

• M programer display
• Opposite door opening
• Back panel external air + filter
• Reduced power (12kw instead of 18kw) for electric heated DLM 14 model
• Ship voltage for electric models:
440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral
• Other voltages available