A robust industrial gas tumble dryer of exceptional quality

As manufacturers of industrial laundry machinery,we are delighted to introduce you to an ergonomic, robust industrial gas tumble dryer with advanced performance and proven quality. We also have electric and steam models.

It has been designed to achieve effective and efficient drying in equal measures. It is an ergonomic machine with which you will be able to enjoy a long list of benefits in the management of your day-to-day laundry. If you are looking for an industrial gas tumble dryer, take note. Below, we show you all the features and strengths of these industrial tumble dryers.

The M programmer makes it an advanced and modern gas tumble dryer

M programmer: option to control time and temperature during drying

Benefits of this industrial gas tumble dryer that are worth highlighting

Reverse rotation as standard
Stainless steel drum
Frequency inverter as standard

At Domus, we always seek maximum energy efficiency

DOUBLE FLOW: axial-radial airflow system
Large fluff filter

A gas tumble dryer that offers you great versatility

We can design your dryer to fit your requirements and make it to your measurements
Easily transferable to self-service version (OPL > Self-Service)

An ergonomic tumble dryer like few will have seen

Stainless steel filter drawer
Large diameter door
Reverse direction when door is opened

This dryer does not require large maintenance tasks

Hinged control panel: easy and ergonomic access
Technical menu: statistics for technicians and maintenance
with external console (with console option)
Easy to access to components

Other features we would like to show you

Steam battery in stainless steel (up to 15 bar pressure)
Grey skinplate outer casing, stainless steel look
SOFT DRY – new drum with stamped holes
COOL DOWN – anti-wrinkle at the end of the cycle
Heating options: electric, gas and steam
CE approved

Additional accessories and features for your industrial gas tumble dryer

• Double doorglass
• Opposite door opening
• Back panel external air + filter
• Fluff filter with grid 0,6mm (st andard is 0,3mm)
• Fluff filter with grid 1,2mm (st andard is 0,3mm)
• Stainless steel front and side panels
• Front panel in st ainless steel
• Low pressure steam battery
• Maritime wooden packing
• Ship volt age for electric models:
440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral
• Other voltages available