A sheet ironer for hotels that offers the highest productivity in very small spaces

The range of wall calenders with a Ø 600, 800 and 1,000 mm roll, with their compact design enables up to 290 kg/hour* to be ironed in less than 27 m² (*more details in the datasheet of every model). With the S models we are looking at the most compact and affordable machines in our catalogue.

They are the ideal solution for laundries in hospitals, hotels, large restaurants…, all businesses that need to process up to 9 tonnes each day; given they are wall calenders with the feeding and return of the linen at the front.

With roll widths of 2,600 and 3,300 mm, items of up to 3,300 x 3,300 mm can be ironed .

The touch screen control enables an easy and intuitive operating of the machine, with a great flexibility to be able to adjust any of the parameters of the folding or ironing.

It is available with electric, gas or steam heating, with a gas model with radiant burner in the Ø 800 and 1,000 mm ranges for a higher output.

General characteristics of this sheet ironer for hotels

Dimensions of the roll: 2,600 and 3,300 mm in length by Ø 600, 800 and 1,000 mm.
Exterior unit made of lacquered steel.
One or two working lanes: one lane for sheets or two lanes for table linen and small items.
Frequency inverter feeding and ironing belts in Nomex.
Touch control screen that enables programmes to be created with speed control (between 3 and 18 m/min).
Automatic shutdown for cooling (80 ºC) High production capacity depending on the residual humidity of the laundry, up to 290 kg/hour directly from a high speed washing machine.
Electric, gas or steam heating.
New gas models with radiant burner (increase in the production by 25% as standard in Ø1,000 and optional in Ø800 mm).
Powerful vapour extraction system.

Additional options of the S model

Automatic single lane clamp feeder and vacuum feeding belts
Vacuum table to facilitate feeding the linen into the machine
Linen reject system incorporated
Rear exit of linen with collection table
Motorised rear exit – height of 850 mm