A commercial laundry folding machine: with an adjusted price, excellent performance, and better results

SPE folding machines are the only compact and commercial laundry folding machines capable of feeding, drying, ironing, folding, and stacking flat laundry in one operation. These flatwork ironers can be installed in small spaces, as they do not need more than 27 m² to be able to operate at full capacity.

As a complement, an automatic clamp introducer can be incorporated into the Sextan folding machine. This allows the company to use the laundry folding machine with a single operator. In this way, the folded clothing will be collected in the built-in side stacker. Further, for small garments, these machines allow the attachment of napkin folders to be attached at the rear part.  Therefore, work can be facilitated and production capacity can be increased.

Features of this commercial laundry folding machine from the 21st century

Roll sizes: 2.600 and 3.300 mm long and Ø 600, 800 and 1.000 mm
Panels in painted steel
One or two working lanes: one lane for bedsheets and two lanes for tablecloth and smaller pieces
Length fold (1 or 2 folds) and crossfold (up to 3 folds)
Folding system by photocells and compressed air
Two types of linen stacker, with possibility to program the number of items stacked.
The stacker can be positioned on either side of the machine
Frequency control Feeding and ironing belts are Nomex
Touch-screen control: programs can be created with speed control (between 3 and 18 mts/min), temperature and folding parameters
Automatic stop after cooling down (at 80 ºC)
Big output capacity, depending on the residual moisture of the linen, up to 290 kg/hour directly from the high spin washer extractor.
Electric, gas or steam heating
Gas models with radiant burner (increase of 25% more production, available in Ø 800 mm models and standard in Ø 1.000 mm models)
Powerful exhaust system

Optional Features for that folding machine

Automatic 1 lane clamp feeder with vacuum feeding belts
Small pieces back collector: 2 or 4 lanes
Vacuum table to help the linen feeding
Partial By pass, so different programs can be used in each of the 2 working lanes
Linen reject system
Double air pressure in length folds for thicker linen Stacker – 1 or 2 lanes Compact (roll-off) stacker – only in 1 lane models