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ECO-ENERGY tumble dryers: when an investment becomes a saving

Domus tumble dryers for industrial and professional laundries

At Domus, we have a longstanding reputation as a commercial tumble dryer manufacturer, and we have dedicated our experience and expertise to create ECO-ENERGY dryers, the most efficient commercial tumble dryers on the market.

We use cutting-edge technology in this tumble dryer with an end to optimising energy and performance. It is a truly advanced piece of laundry machinery. Our commercial tumble dryers are reliable and ergonomic, and an ideal choice to work in conjunction with the Domus range of commercial washing machines. Our dryers cater for a wide range of load capacities from 11 to 80 kg to suit the specific needs of your professional laundry service. The ECO-ENERGY line is equipped with high-end features, such as: smart air recovery system to save energy, insulated panels to prevent heat loss and to ensure thermal insulation, smart moisture control to optimise the drying cycle; a stainless steel drum with recessed perforations to handle laundry more gently; built-in fire suppression system; COOL DOWN system to cool down your linen at the end of the cycle and to prevent unwanted wrinkles; a loading door that can open to a wide-angle up to 180º.

Double drum dryers: the ideal choice to maximise space in any laundrette

We would like to present our new range of double drum dryers, which have been specially designed to optimise space in small self-service laundrettes, as one drum is stacked above the other. Once again, at Domus, we have applied our know-how as a commercial tumble dryer manufacturer to create a machine to suit our clients’ most-demanding needs.
Just like the single-drum tumble dryer, these dryers are fitted with cutting-edge features and technology, as well as a range of options to choose from so that you can find the best machine to suit your specific needs. These options include: moisture control system, TOUCH II microprocessor or a series with the more affordable M programmer, a range of load capacities from 11 kg and 18 kg per drum. Without doubt, our high-tech commercial tumble dryers are ahead of their time.

If you are looking for a commercial tumble dryer for sale to maximise space in your
laundrette, look no further!

Heat pump dryers for revolutionary drying and energy efficiency

At Domus, we are proud to present our range of sustainable and revolutionary tumble dryers which achieve greater energy savings than ever. Thanks to the heat pump system in these commercial tumble dryers, you can reduce the energy consumption of your industrial laundry by over 60%.

These machines are easy to operate thanks to the heat pump system and the TOUCH II programmer. What’s more, if you are looking for tumble dryers for an enclosed space or premises with no direct outdoor ventilation, the heat pump dryer is ideal as it doesn’t require a vent or hose to remove damp air, which also makes them neater and easier to install. Our heat pump dryers can be connected to a pay system and there are two ranges available. Once again, they are equipped with similar features to those of the single- and double-drum ranges, but in these dryers the unique and main difference is the heat pump. They also come with a large easy-to-clean fluff filter.

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