ONE POCKET DTT-11-14-18-23-28-36-45-60-80 ECO-ENERGY

Rotary drum dryers characterised by their efficiency and high connectivity  

As manufacturers of machinery for industrial laundries, we are pleased to introduce the new ECO-ENERGY range of rotary drum dryers with a load capacity between 11 and 80 kg. They are characterised by offering a series of benefits which have marked a turning point within the world of industrial drying. 

These dryers have a recycled air drying system called AIR RE-CYCLE; it is also worth mentioning the EFFICIENT DRY system, which achieves total humidity control; and the new TOUCH II microprocessor, designed to obtain great connectivity, maximum efficiency, and without forgetting its large 7” touchscreen or the possibility of working with Wet Cleaning programmes. Below, we describe all the features and strong points of these industrial dryers for laundries.

Rotary drum dryers and the newTOUCH II  

  • User-friendly 7” programmable touchscreen

  • USB connection. Including PC software for programming, managing traceability, data analysis…
  • Offers the possibility of showing videos on the screen: adverts, instructions…

  • Can be configured in 37 different languages

Outstanding features of this rotary drum dryer

  • Reversing rotation as standard

  • Stainless steel drum

  • Frequency inverter as standard

A dryer that guarantees efficiency  

  • EFFICIENT DRY: intelligent humidity control

  • Temperature control in drum air inlet

  • AIR RE-CYCLE:  intelligent recirculation of air

  • THERMAL INSULATION: complete thermal insulation of the unit and double door glass

  • FULL FLOW: optimised axial-radial air flow

  • Large fluff filter: ergonomic drawer

Models offering a high level of versatility

  • These dryers can be made to order with a high level of customisation

  • Prepared for working with Wet Cleaning programmes
  • Easy to adapt from OPL to self-service

Designed with connectivity in mind 

  • Remote technical service
  • Ideal for the management of OPL and self-service laundries
  • Prepared for remote payments

Ergonomic and designed to facilitate day-to-day work 

  • Stainless steel filter drawer
  • Large diameter doors
  • Reverse direction when door is opened as standard

A low maintenance rotary drum dryer

  • Easy-access and extremely ergonomic folding panel
  • Technical menu with statistics, data recovery for after-sales service, software updates…

Other interesting features of these dryers 

  • Grey skin-plate outer casing with stainless steel effect, leaves no marks
  • Transmission by direct drive
  • SFEX: integrated fire extinguisher system
  • SOFT DRY: drum with stamped holes for garment care
  • COOL DOWN: cooling at end of cycle
  • Available with electric, gas or steam heating
  • EC approved

Optional features for rotary drum dryers

  • New system of dosing by pulverisation
  • Possibility for installing a printer
  • DomusConnect communication kit
  • Tropicalised model
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 outer casing
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 front panel
  • Stainless steel steam battery
  • Low pressure steam battery
  • Wooden packaging
  • Reverse door opening
  • Ø200 exhaust silencer
  • Rear panel external air entry + filter
  • Ship voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60 Hz No N
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