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Industrial ironing machines so you can achieve excellent results when processing flat linen

As you would no doubt expect, we also have an extensive range of finishing equipment and we can offer you all types of additional material for your industrial laundry. This includes ironing tables, presses and form finishers, steam finishing cabinets and spotting tables, that will help you to get excellent results with the day-to-day ironing of your flat linen. The machines are extremely useful in hotel laundries, dry cleaners, restaurants... 

The ironing tables can either be autonomous and have an in-built boiler, or be prepared for connection to steam. There are variations with vacuum, blowing or vaporising, to facilitate the finishing of all types of garment. 

If we take the vacuum model as an example to highlight some of its features, it is an ironing table with an electrically heated iron, it has an in-built single phase vacuum, a pedal operation system and a work table with dimensions of 1200x500x450 mm. 

On the other hand there are pneumatic presses, which are the ideal accessory for finishing large items such as curtains, trousers or sheets. We also have special presses for shirt collars and cuffs, which help to speed up and optimise the process even further. 

All models have a lower vaporising and vacuuming buck, a polished upper buck, they are operated via practical push buttons, all models are equipped with vacuum and have a  230 to 400 V III 50 Hz connection.

Industrial form finishers and ironing cabinets

Let’s continue with the form finishers and finishing cabinets; they are designed to achieve a high output in the ironing of shirts, trousers, coats, etc. 

The finishing cabinets are controlled via a microprocessor, 9 pre-set ironing programmes that can be changed depending on the characteristics of the item, an automatic cycle system that activates once the door is closed and incorporates different elements for ironing specific garments. 

The form finishers have been designed to achieve fully automated working cycles, the vaporisation and blowing times can be adjusted and the shoulders and cover of the form finisher are adjustable. It is a highly functional machine given that it can rotate 360º.

Spotting tables of various dimensions and the highest quality parts

You can also buy spotting tables of the highest quality, especially designed for dry cleaners that process linen with a prior checking process before washing to remove any stains. 

They have a stainless steel spotting arm with vacuum, as well as a cold spotting table with three operating pedals. They also come equipped with a liquid recover tank, two product tanks and an air pistol, guaranteeing excellent results are achieved every time. 

The work table is made with AISI 304 stainless steel and has dimensions of 800x260x175 mm. 

If you require a smaller and more affordable model, we have a mini spotting table, equipped with the same stainless steel spotting arm, two product tanks, air pistol and an operating pedal.

All of this equipment makes the difference in a professional dry cleaners 

Our range of machinery to process flat linen is especially designed to optimise all of the processes of a modern laundry or dry cleaners, always achieving the highest quality finishes. 

We would also like to highlight that, as a company that manufactures industrial laundry washing machines, all of our washing and drying machines are prepared to work with Wet Cleaning programmes which are designed for the most delicate linen and are extremely useful for dry cleaners. 

On the other hand, thanks to the incorporation of the new TOUCH II, you will be able to monitor the traceability and analysis of the data from each washing and drying cycle. This is also extremely useful for this type of business.

We always offer personalised advice to each of our customers

To request detailed information or a quote for any of our industrial ironing and finishing machines, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can do so by calling (+34) 93 888 71 53; if you would prefer one of our technicians to contact you, you just need to send us an email to or complete this form and you will hear from us shortly. 

We also have a wide range of industrial washing machines and dryers with state-of-the-art features and designed under the strictest standards of quality, work safety and energy efficiency.

We are the best partner any company with an industrial laundry can get, don’t doubt it!

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