Heavy Professional: industrial laundry equipment which adapts to the needs of your business

Heavy Professional: industrial laundry equipment designed for your business

Domus presents Heavy Professional, its new line of commercial laundry washing machines and tumble dryers to serve professional and industrial laundry services. This line has been specifically designed to respond to the need for robust and eco-friendly industrial equipment, which can also guarantee efficiency and versatility. Not only do we make machinery with the end-user in mind, but we also take our customers’ business interests into account.

That’s why all of our machines have an excellent quality-price ratio and are easy to operate and install. When it comes to
commercial laundry washing machines, at Domus, we mean business!

Revolutionary features in the Heavy Professional range  

At Domus, we have equipped our new line of commercial laundry washing machines with innovative features to revolutionise industrial laundry equipment and services. First and foremost, our robust washers can run at high spin speeds without needing to be anchored to the ground. Additionally, they are fitted with a 4-compartment soap dispenser, a stainless-steel drum, 8 automatic and programmable dispenser signals, and 2 standard water inlets for hot and cold.  When it comes to performance and control, Domus provides features to ensure that its machinery can be programmed and set to operate efficiently and economically.

These features include; TOUCH II touch screen microprocessor and 29 pre-set programmes; a USB port and software to add or delete wash programmes; WET CLEANING system to adjust water levels and speed in programmes for delicate laundry. All in all, we design our
commercial laundry washing machines to use water and detergent efficiently and sparingly with an end to saving money, energy and the environment. And if you are interested in our machines for a self-service laundry, Heavy Professional can be easily converted to a multi-payment system.  Domus has vast experience as a laundromat equipment supplier and its machines are equipped to meet every need.

Heavy Professional - professional tumble dryers for professionals

Heavy Professional tumble dryers are the perfect complement to work alongside the Domus range of commercial washing machines for sale. These dryers can cater for load capacities ranging from 8 to 10 kg. They are highly-competitive, robust industrial machines with extremely efficient drying cycles. This high-performance tumble dryer is ideal for hotels, campsites, self-service laundrettes, gyms, and similar commercial or professional laundry services.

When it comes to features, our tumble dryers are in the same league as our range of high-tech commercial laundry washing machines. They come with a TOUCH II microprocessor, a USB or remote connection, and an updated version of the user-friendly M programmer to select drying time and temperature. 

All in all, our range of commercial tumble dryers are more efficient and innovative than ever, thanks to advanced design, improved airflow inside the drum, and our strong commitment to saving energy.

Would you like to see tumble dryers of the future? If the answer is yes, take a look at state-of-the-art tumble dryers by Domus!

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