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Laundry machines: prices, types and machines from our catalogue

In this general section of our extensive catalogue of industrial laundry machinery, you will find all of our machines for washing, drying, ironing or finishing linen. 

Let’s start with the Heavy Professional line and the HPW-8 and 10 washing machine, a model with an affordable price, with excellent features, which is ideal for many sectors, laundries and small businesses. These include restaurants, gyms, campsites, hotels, apartments, self-service laundries..., in other words, this is a machine that can be tailored to your business.  

Ultimately, it is a robust, efficient, programmable, eco-friendly washing machine which is highly versatile and very competitively priced.

Just what you need to meet the needs of your business activity!

Secondly, we have a wide range of industrial washing machines, with capacities ranging between 8 and 120kg, designed with the most advanced features and technologies and with the highest level of energy efficiency ever seen.

They are low, medium and high speed washing machines; all boasting state-of-the-art technology, such as the TOUCH II microprocessor which guarantee the best washing quality at the same time as maximum efficiency and savings. They also allow you to control the traceability of each washing cycle.  

This microprocessor comes with a 7-inch touch screen which is programmable and easy to use, including PC software and 37 different languages. Moreover, its efficiency is more than guaranteed thanks to a smart weighing system and the detergent dosing signals.

An ECOTANK can also be added to recycle the washing water and reduce consumption to the bare minimum, saving more than 70% each year. They are highly versatile and can easily be configured for self-service through the installation of a wallet, a payment system, the new IoT with a payment APP, dosing kits...

In terms of maintenance, they have a folding panel that makes it easy to access all of the components and they do not require much maintenance.

Finally, we also have a specific line of hygienic barrier washing machines, especially designed to prevent cross-contamination in hospital environments, clean rooms, laundries in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear industries...

The industrial tumble dryers that Domus offers your industrial or self-service laundry  

You will also find a wide range of high performance industrial dryers. We manufacture three different lines with a single drum, double drum and those that operate using a heat pump.
If we take the DPT ECO-ENERGY model as an example, it is considered the most efficient dryer on the market and with endless features included as standard: smart humidity control, smart air recirculation, thermal insulation of the unit (for better use of the heat), axial-radial air flow, double glass door (thermal insulation), final anti-crease cooling system, stainless steel drum, fire protection system …
On the other hand, the Heavy Professional line also has a dryer at a more affordable price than the industrial models, the HPD 8-10 model. Despite the lower price it is still a match in terms of the quality of the drying process, energy efficiency levels, connectivity and ergonomics.

Laundry machines: industrial ironing and finishing machines for flat linen 

Lastly, we would like to tell you about our high output wall calenders, designed especially for industrial laundries in sectors such as hotels, restaurants, etc. which need to process large amounts of flat linen each day with excellent results. 

They are designed to offer the best performance and productivity possible with notable advanced energy efficiency options and considerable time savings. 

In terms of technical features, the EFFICIENT IRON system - a smart humidity control-, and the new TOUCH II - only on the Ø 500/650 mm roller models- are worth highlighting. They also have a radiant gas burner, rear exit, in-built lengthways folder, connectivity, versatility, etc. 

We should also mention our section of finishing machines for flat linen, where you will find all types of state-of-the-art industrial equipment: steam generators, ironing tables, pneumatic presses, form finishers, ironing cabinets and spotting tables. 

Request information with no obligation whatsoever or a detailed quote for any of our washing machines

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If you have any queries or questions about any of our laundry machines, prices, types, features or functionalities, or you want to request a detailed quote, you just need to complete this form, send an email to, or call us by telephone on (+34) 93 888 71 53. Without any obligation, we will be delighted to help you!

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