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Buying the most suitable and state-of-the-art industrial washing machines is made really simple with Domus

In this section of the website you will find the digital catalogue of industrial laundry washing machines from Domus. 

These are the most modern machines and equipment with systems that have been specially designed to save energy and for the low consumption of water and detergent.  We like to offer specific solutions for each type of customer and laundry.

For that purpose, you will find models of 3 different spin speeds–highmedium and low speed–, that combine the newest and most modern washing technology with the maximum quality of their components and materials. These factors guarantee optimum performance and the highest level of energy efficiency achieved to date. 

Moreover, thanks to the incorporation of the new TOUCH II, a revolutionary microprocessor with advanced features, you will be able to use eco-friendly and Wet Cleaning programmes. These are designed to save water, detergent and wash all types of garments, even the most delicate ones.  This processor also includes comprehensive software to control the traceability and analysis of data in real time, a decisive factor in some industrial laundries but especially in dry cleaners.

All of the washing machines feature easy handling and intuitive programming, enabling them to adapt to any type of laundry. They can also be turned into self-service models very easily.

The machines are designed to cover and satisfy the current demands of the market in relation to features, efficiency, eco-friendliness or capacity/volume of linen to be processed. In essence, they offer you an ideal washing solution for a thousand different scenarios.

Aseptic washing machines or washing machines with hygienic barrier: ideal for hospitals and laundries that require the maximum level of hygiene 

With everything we have experienced recently, this type of washing machine has become more important than ever in hospitals and medical centres given that they reduce the risk of nosocomial infections from contact with dirty linen to the bare minimum. 

Using them guarantees the highest level of hygiene thanks to the physical barrier between the two spaces, the dirty linen side and the clean linen side. 

Bear in mind that the risk of infection, bacteria and contaminating agents in hospitals is extremely high. Furthermore, linen regularly becomes soiled with blood and other potential harmful fluids. 

This is where washing machines with a hygienic barrier play a vital role.  Thanks to their advanced features, they are the best option for achieving a high level of hygiene, disinfection and safety: automatic positioning of the drum with motor brake; 3 different water inlets; G-factor of 325 and electric or steam heating; smart weighing system; large doors to make loading and unloading easier; floating drum without the need for anchoring... As you can see, they are advanced machines thanks to the development and innovation carried out by our R+D department over the last few years.

We must not forget to mention that our industrial washing machines can be connected to a water recovery tank called ECOTANK, designed to save up to 70% of water and detergent each year since they enable both of them to be recycled for subsequent washes.

We would also like you to take a look at our section of industrial tumble dryers since they are the ideal match for any of our washing machines. If you decide to buy the washing machine and tumble dryer together, you will notice a huge difference in the optimisation and improvement of processes within your laundry. 

Finally, we would just like to say that we also have a high degree of specialisation in the sale of self-service laundry machines, with specific and customisable solutions depending on the requirements of each project or customer.

Having said all of that, to request information or a detailed quote, you just need to click on this link, complete the contact form, and one of our sales representatives will call you straight away. It’s that easy!

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