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With Domus, buying state-of-the-art industrial washing machines has never been easier

Domus supplies the most innovative commercial laundry equipment on the market 

In this section of our website, we present our digital catalogue for industrial and commercial laundry equipment. At Domus, we manufacture and supply state-of-the-art commercial washing machines with systems which have been especially designed to save energy and reduce water and detergent consumption. Take a look at our commercial laundry machines for sale to find a machine to suit your specific needs. Buying state-of-the-art industrial laundry equipment has never been easier!

Our range is extensive and versatile. We supply models with three different spin speeds. Our commercial washing machines combine cutting-edge technology with top quality components and materials to guarantee optimum performance. In addition, the machines include the Wet Cleaning system to create specific programmes to handle all types of laundry, even the most delicate linen and clothing. 

The entire range of commercial washing machine for sale stands out for being user-friendly and easy to programme. Thanks to their ergonomics, they can be adapted to any type of laundry service: dry cleaners, self-service laundrettes, business, hospital and industrial laundrettes amongst others. Our catalogue also includes commercial coin operated washing machines for sale. Take a look!

These machines adapt to current market requirements when it comes to high performance, optimal efficiency, eco-friendliness and load capacities to ensure the ideal wash solution to handle laundry across multiple professional sectors.

Aseptic washers or sanitary barrier washers: high performance machines ideal for hospitals

Sanitary barrier washers are vital in hospitals or healthcare centres to minimise the risk of infection or cross-contamination due to contact with soiled linen. A physical barrier divides the laundry process into two zones to handle dirty and clean laundry separately to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety. The risk of infection, bacteria, germs and other contaminating agents is very high in hospitals. Dirty linen soiled with blood or contaminants is a potential and serious health hazard.

This is where sanitary barrier washers play a crucial role.  Thanks to their advanced and unparalleled features, Domus washing machines are the best option.  Our machines are fitted with automatic drum positioning and a brake system; 3 different water inlets; G-325 factor and electric or steam heating; smart weighing system; wide doors to make loading and unloading easier; soft-mounted drum with no need for anchorage. Without doubt, these are avant-garde machines thanks to the developments and innovations introduced by Domus in recent years.

Domus has vast experience as a
laundromat equipment supplier and has accumulated expertise to provide customers with guarantees, such as safety and hygiene. Ultimately, our  commercial washing machines for sale are ahead of their time. We design machines of tomorrow to protect the world today.



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