Wet Cleaning: a system which uses water to take care of the most delicate garments

With the Domus Wet Cleaning system, it is possible to set up an eco-friendly efficient laundry business

Wet Cleaning is a system which has come about in recent years as an alternative to Dry Cleaning, the method traditionally used by dry cleaners, but which relied on the use of solvents such as perchloroethylene.

The modern Wet Cleaning system allows you to create the best programmes for cleaning, drying and professional finishes, paying special attention to delicate garments or fabrics requiring a more gentle treatment. It is a revolutionary method which removes 80% of today's stains, based on the use of biodegradable soaps and without using any chemicals. Growing pressure from the new environmental regulations, combined with the increased environmental awareness of customers, means that if you are planning to set up an industrial laundry business, the Wet Cleaning system is a must. There is no doubt that this eco-friendly cleaning method will give added value to your business, making it stand out from other laundries in your area of influence.

Which Domus machines and equipment come with the Wet Cleaning technology? 

The Domus professional and industrial washers are equipped with the new TOUCH II microprocessor, making it easy to create and use the best Wet Cleaning programmes. The whole range, from the HPW-8 with a capacity of 8 kg to the DHS-120, are equipped with the top features, including an automatic mixing system for water at different temperatures, a stainless steel drum, and the Efficient Drum, for a more powerful mechanical performance. The Water Recycle option (using water from the bathroom) is designed to optimise the results of the system.

In keeping with the washing equipment, Domus would like to draw attention to the line of ECO-ENERGY dryers, especially designed for obtaining the best results with the Wet Cleaning system, thanks to the state-of-the-art features: air recovery system, smart moisture sensor, drum with recessed perforations to ensure maximum care of delicate garments…

Also available are the ECOTANK water and detergent recovery tanks, offering savings of more than 70% of water every year.  And the finishing tables and mannequins for the perfect professional finish. All the equipment has been designed to save energy, reduce water consumption, use environmentally-friendly soaps and offer optimum levels of cleanliness and efficiency.

Discover all the Wet Cleaning system can offer your laundry!


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