Machinery especially designed and prepared to work with Wet Cleaning 

Domus has developed most of its machinery for Wet Cleaning. The industrial and professional washing machines come equipped with the new TOUCH II microprocessor, that you will be able to use to create and use Wet Cleaning programmes easily and optimally.

Which models of machinery for Wet Cleaning will you find in the Domus catalogue?

The entire range of professional and industrial washing machines, from the 8 Kg HPW-8 to the DHS-120, come equipped with an endless list of latest generation features such as an automatic water mixing system at different temperatures, a stainless steel drum and the Efficient Drum system, designed to boost and optimise the mechanical action of the whole machine. We must also highlight the Water Recycle process, designed for the recirculation of the washing water, to optimise the results of this system even further.

The new ECO-ENERGY line of tumble dryers: designed for WET CLEANING 

As well as advertising its latest generation washing machines, Domus wants to emphasise its line of ECO-ENERGY tumble dryers, designed from the beginning to achieve the best results with the Wet Cleaning system. Thanks to its latest generation features, it has been able to develop a line of eco-friendly and efficient tumble dryers with all of the drying programmes and processes optimised as much as possible: air recovery system, smart humidity sensor, perforated drum with embedded holes to achieve the best care for your linen...

ECOTANK water recovery tanks: save a large quantity of water each year 

If you are intending to optimise the consumption of water and detergent even further, you always have the option of adding a water recovery tank called ECOTANK to these washing machines and tumble dryers. You will manage to save more than 70% of the annual consumption of water and will contribute to the best way of preserving the environment. 

We finish by highlighting the ironing tables and mannequins from Domus, which have also been designed to work with the Wet Cleaning system and will help you to achieve professional and perfect results.

In conclusion, all of this industrial laundry machinery has been designed to save energy, reduce water consumption, use environmentally friendly detergents and always offer an optimum level of washing in any laundry.

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