A washing machine for hospital linen ahead of its time and with a large load capacity

With this washing machine for hospital linen, Domus has launched a machine onto the market with excellent features, a large load capacity and a guarantee of the best conditions, for both safety and hygiene.

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A TOUCH II microprocessor with advanced features

It has a programmable TOUCH II microprocessor.
Screen on both sides of the machine.
Offers the possibility of customising all of the programmes.

An industrial washing machine for hospital linen with excellent features

Automatic positioning of the drum with motor brake.
It has 3 water inlets as standard.
Double drain as standard.
It enjoys a G-FACTOR of 325
Option of choosing between electric or steam heating.

A machine with efficiency guaranteed

It has a smart weighing system.
Optimal Loading: manual introduction of the load weight, for the optimal use of water and detergents, without exceeding the amount needed.
High G FACTOR: lower residual humidity, which translates into a shorter drying time as well.

Its great ergonomics make this a latest generation machine

It enjoys large doors to facilitate loading and unloading.
Drum separated by a Pullman partition.
Drum is easy to open using a push button.
Load height (bottom of the door at 960 mm).

Its maintenance is basic and simple

It has the electrical components on the left and the mechanical components on the right.
The connections are at the top (protected from water and detergents).
It has a central drain as standard.
It has a comprehensive technical menu: statistics alarms, self-test, data recovery for technicians and maintenance.

Other features of this washing machine for hospital linen

It has a floating barrier without requiring an anchor.
Prepared for connection to a dosing pump.
Exterior unit in skinplate grey and upper panel in AISI 304 inox steel.
Drum and tub in AISI 304 stainless steel.
It has a frequency inverter to control imbalances.
Doors operate using a compressed air system (50L compressor, 7 bar air pressure).
It has all of the EC certifications.

Optional features

Option of incorporating a printer.
Double heating system: electric + steam.
A water tap can be incorporated for samples.
A detergent dispenser with 4 compartments can be added.
UPS option (in the event of power outage).
Frame in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Maritime wooden packaging.
Maritime voltage 440V III 50/60 Hz no neutral.
Voltage 230 V III 50/60 Hz.