15 de December de 2020

What is Wet Cleaning?

Process and benefits of our Wet Cleaning washing machines: they use water as a universal solvent 

Wet Cleaning is an efficient water washing system; a process designed for our Wet Cleaning washing machines, where water is used as a solvent.

It is used to wash more delicate linen, without mechanical action and works at a low temperature for the entire wash. The process has 4 set stages: pre-stain removal, washing, drying and finishing; the wash cycles are always less than sixty minutes.

But…. How do you detect whether an item of clothing is delicate and can be washed with the Wet Cleaning system?

máquinas de lavar con Wet Cleaning

They key lies in the labels, a required and compulsory element in clothing. It is worth checking these labels to quickly identify whether the items are delicate or not, so you can choose the washing, drying and finishing process that will give you the best results.

The label is one of those essential elements on any item of clothing. Both current legislation within the European Community and most countries require garments to be labelled with specific information.

Specifically, we usually find three different labels, the composition, the brand and the size label, but the required information is always on the composition label.

máquinas de lavar con Wet Cleaning

In the case of the European continent, the body in charge of legislating and regulating all of these aspects related to the labelling of garments, while also representing the interests of the industry and the textile sector against political institutions is EURATEX.  

Our Wet Cleaning washing machines and their characteristics specifically designed for it

máquinas de lavar con Wet Cleaning

At Domus we have an extensive range of machinery for Wet Cleaning. Thanks to the incorporation in all of the industrial and professional ranges, both of washing machines and tumble dryers, of the new TOUCH II microprocessor, our Wet Cleaning washing machines enable the mechanical action to be regulated through the control of movement, being able to control aspects such as speed, periods of rest and running time, the water level or the efficiency level of each cycle.

Furthermore, this microprocessor enables maximum precision in controlling the temperature of each wash, managing in each case to use the ideal proportion of cold and hot water.

In terms of the levels of chemical products of the cycles, this microprocessor enables the programming of the exact and required quantity of each product, with 8 standard dispensing signals.

Additionally, its software offers the possibility of carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the data of each washing cycle, as well as its traceability.

 máquinas de lavar con Wet Cleaning

Example of the analysis of a washing cycle with Wash Control

Water Re-Cycle

It works using a filter and a pump installed in the washing machine that act as a system of recirculation and use of the washing water which leads to a long list of advantages for industrial laundries:

máquinas de lavar con Wet Cleaning

  1. More use of the water with chemical products in each wash.

  2. Reduction of the time of the cycle by wetting the garment.

  3. Improves the mix of the chemical product.

  4. Reduces the mechanical action of the pump, with the same result

  5. Can be activated in whichever stage we want

Characteristics for Wet Cleaning of our industrial tumble dryers

In this case, the TOUCH II microprocessor, also incorporated in our entire line of industrial tumble dryers with drumdouble drum, or with heat pump, enables an exhaustive and rigorous control to be carried out of the drying temperature in each cycle.

Using a new system called Efficient Dry, the humidity of the garments can be controlled, increasing the precision, drying quality and significantly reducing the times of the cycles.

Through an innovative system called Efficient Dry, it is possible to control the humidity of the garments, increasing the precision and quality of the drying process and significantly reducing cycle times.

Wet Cleaning industrial washers

In addition, these industrial tumble dryers also have a complete circuit of the isolated air flow and an air recovery and recycling system for future cycles, achieving a degree of energy efficiency never seen before.

Other interesting information about our Wet Cleaning washing machines 

All of the models mentioned above can be connected easily to a water recovery tank, called ECOTANK, with which the water from each wash can be taken advantage of even further, leading to an annual saving of 70% compared to the amount of water you currently use.

For its design and manufacture, all of the needs of a modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable laundry have been studied in detail, in terms of energy efficiency and the consumption of water and detergents, in order to develop this type of latest generation machines, that will help you to optimize your costs and chemical products like you’ve never dreamed of before.

That said, if you would like more information about our industrial washing machines for laundries, tumble dryers with efficiency guaranteed or other machines, contact us by telephoning (+34) 93 888 71 53, sending an email to domus@domuslaundry.com or completing the form using this link. You will hear from one of our sales technicians very soon!