5 de August de 2022

The new ironers and ironers from Domus: we present all their features and advantages

At Domus you will find the best industrial ironers for flatwork

Domus industrial flatwork ironers are a magnificent option to achieve optimal results and finishes. Following the line of innovation that our company has conceived since the beginning, at Domus we are aware of the importance of wall ironers and flatwork ironers for the industrial laundry sector.

For this reason, this 2022 we have at your disposal the best industrial flatwork ironers, backed by the strictest quality standards and the robustness and efficiency that characterize our products. Undoubtedly, this constitutes a solid opportunity in the current market, which you can take advantage of to get the latest generation equipment and with the seriousness and efficiency that only Domus can offer you.

What features do our ironers and ironers have?

First of all, our wall ironers and dryer-ironers are highly efficient in dealing with clothes, so they can greatly simplify the basic functions involved. In this regard, whether it is for drying, ironing or folding clothes, the result you will obtain will be of excellent quality, reducing problems and increasing the productivity of small and medium-sized laundries.

Our high-end ironers and also the Ø325mm flatwork ironers have a new M programmer. Through its digital screen you can select the appropriate speed and temperature according to what you need to iron. With the Automatic Mode of the M programmer, the equipment will adjust the ironing speed based on the selected temperature so that you get a much more efficient ironing.

On the other hand, the consumption levels of our wall ironers and dryer-ironers make them excellent options to acquire, since you will not only obtain quality ironing, but it will also allow you to save costs and enjoy a product with a longer useful life.

If you are looking for an industrial ironing machine that meets all the requirements in 2022, at Domus we present you the best alternatives that will undoubtedly make your industrial laundry experience much more feasible and profitable according to the appreciation of the quality of our products and machinery.

Industrial flatwork ironers

Domus industrial ironers for clothes

From models that may seem simple, to more complex ones, at Domus we have a select range of industrial ironers for you that will more than fulfill their function in a guaranteed way.

Any industrial ironing machine that we put at your disposal is ideal for small laundries, since they are practical in terms of performance and energy, without requiring a large investment. Essentially, we offer you two different models that are adapted to the reality of 2022, in which such elementary issues as energy consumption and the ecological impact that this would have, are a must.

Industrial ironers for clothes: PR-1018 – PR-1218

Certainly, this model is the simplest of those currently available to us. Their electronic functions and the manual movement of the chest they have make them very convenient for small businesses.

If you need high-quality professional ironing, its 180mm roll is ideal for handling different volumes of clothes that, without saturating the system, will end up being properly ironed, guaranteeing their efficiency.

Its electronic programmer allows you to select between 4 temperatures efficiently. The fleece and the NOMEX cover that the Nomex models have incorporated, allow them to work at high temperatures, up to 190º optimally.

Wall Ironers PR 1025 – 1225 – 1425 – 2025

With a 250mm diameter roller and a solid interior and exterior design, these ironers are quite functional to control the ironing temperature according to the type of garment you are handling.

Being able to be clothes made with cotton, polyester, silk or any other textile material, our industrial ironers are an excellent option for them. Without a doubt, they represent a smart acquisition.

The new PR-1425 and PR-2025 ECO-ENERGY models have the new M electronic microprocessor that is characterized by a digital display that allows quick and easy regulation of ironing speed and temperature. The speed can range from 1.5 meters per minute to 6 meters. Both models do not have a chest lift, which allows them to offer greater productivity and efficiency.

Industrial flatwork ironers

The best flatwork ironers by Domus for 2022

We have a wide range of flatwork dryer-ironers in our catalogue, and at Domus we want to focus mainly on each subset of machinery according to its attributions. As an equipment that fully complies with the functions that presuppose its design, we have the best options on the market for you, with incredible features and easy to acquire.

One of the latest additions to our catalogue this season are the CM-1420-1620-2020 wall ironers. These are specifically designed to meet the needs of hotels, healthcare institutions, nursing homes and laundries. Its cylinder has a smaller diameter of 200 mm. They are easy to install and work with the electronic control M.

Flatwork ironers CM-1432 – 1632 – 2032

With a 325mm diameter roll, this ironer has a solid and efficient design that guarantees the ironing of your linen with lower energy costs, but with the features expected from Domus. This machinery is so effective that it can be used directly from the washer and will still provide optimal results.

Recently, we have added the CM-2032 CM-2632 & CM-3332 ECO-ENERGY to our catalogue. Their main attribute is that they are designed for greater energy savings and are even more sustainable. These models have electric or gas heating: a radiant burner, which significantly increases their efficiency.

Flatwork ironers CM-2050 – 2650 – 3350 TOUCH II

The CM-2050, CM-2650 and CM-3350 ECO-ENERGY flatwork ironer models have a diameter of 500 mm. Apart from drying and ironing in a single operation, they are characterized by their high production system and by having an integrated longitudinal folder in option.

They have the Touch II microprocessor, touch screen, easy to program and available in 38 languages. They have 5 preset programs and can be controlled remotely through Domus Connect technology. Thanks to this, they allow the data of their operation to be analyzed and traceability control.

Flatwork ironers CM-2065 – 2665 – 3365 TOUCH II

These Domus ironer models have a 650 mm cylinder. Its ironing speed ranges from 1 to 15 meters per minute. They work with an electric and gas heating system (radiant burner).

Like the 500 mm wall ironers, they have the Touch II microprocessor incorporated, with all the monitoring and analysis advantages that this entails.

Get the best industrial flatwork ironers at Domus

Undoubtedly, at Domus we take the possibility of offering you the best industrial ironers for flatwork on the market very seriously, so we invite you to check the rest of our catalogue.

You can also contact us by clicking on the following button, calling (+34) 93 8122796 or writing to export@domuslaundry.com. We will be happy to help you!