Industrial washing machine soap dispensers

At Domus, we have a high degree of specialisation within the sector of machinery for self-service laundries. Our industrial washing machine dispensers have been designed to save and optimise the amount of detergent used in each wash.

We have a wide range of solutions for self-service laundries and we usually work with all types of projects and businesses; from the entrepreneur who is interested in opening a self-service laundry in their city and asks us about our Clean&Go stores, to the small businesses that want a small but functional laundry area for their premises and want to know about our Clean + US  modules.

Or the campsites that are intending to dedicate a few metres of their land and install a practical and profitable mobile and self-service laundry, such as our  Clean&Move  modules.

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Our industrial washing machine dispensers are especially designed for these self-service laundry solutions

This industrial washing machine soap dispenser consists of a dosing kit for 2, 4 and 6 machines, with two chemical products.

Our technicians have manufactured it in order to optimise the amount of detergent used each year in all of our self-service laundry solutions.

They are all designed to guarantee, on the one hand, the profitability of the investment and return on the investment in a very short time and, on the other hand, the best quality and highest degree of energy efficiency and product efficiency possible.