26 de February de 2020

An industrial flatwork ironer for laundries that is ahead of its time: connectivity, ergonomics and efficiency

High performance and low maintenance: discover the new Domus industrial flatwork ironers


The new wall flatwork ironers from Domus have a series of features that will leave you open speechless. If your business has a professional laundry or has to wash, dry and iron large quantities of uniforms each day, this might be a more than necessary investment, and something you might be interested in discovering.

We present the versatile, robust and latest technology in industrial laundry flat ironer: where the benefits of efficiency and connectivity, go hand in hand with the new Touch II microprocessor.

We are looking at the perfect and innovative solution for drying, ironing and folding flat clothing for all types of sectors. The machines are designed to offer the best performance and productivity with notable energy efficiency options and considerable savings in production times.

You will find models with rollers of different sizes to choose from:    Ø 200 / 325 / 500 / 650 mm.

Latest generation industrial flatwork ironers that stand out for their connectivity

calandra industrial para lavandería


The new Touch II microprocessor is especially designed to optimise performance, energy efficiency and connectivity. It has a 7” touch screen, which is programmable and easy to use, with 38 languages available. In addition, it has 10 pre-set programmes and the Domus Connect system, which will let you control your flatwork ironer remotely, take control of the traceability and data analysis from your mobile phone. It is also important to highlight that it has a USB connection for installing customised programmes.

Other features of this industrial laundry flatwork ironer


This new line of flatwork ironers will enable you to dry and iron clothing in just one process. Furthermore, the new models of Ø 500mm, as an option, and Ø 650mm, as standard, will include the Optimal Iron system to achieve a high production rate, as well as an integrated longitudinal folder or a rear exit for items of clothing. They have an electric, gas or steam heating system, and reverse roller as standard.

However, we are fully aware that choosing your flatwork ironer may not be an easy task. If you have any questions or would like us to advise you, please contact our sales department and we will help you with everything you need. This is part of our work too.