8 de April de 2020

Are you thinking about setting up a small space with a coin operated washer dryer?

Clean+Us, the optimum solution for small businesses in different sectors 

 lavadora secadora autoservicio

The new Clean+Us laundry solution comprises small and adaptable modules which have been designed to satisfy the needs of a wide range of different businesses and laundries: small and medium-sized hotels, campsites, apartment blocks, gyms, hairdressers, beauty salons, veterinary clinics… ultimately, anywhere that might be a candidate for installing a small laundry space, with the possibility of making it coin operated, but where – for whatever reason – building work cannot be carried out.


The standard design includes three different modules which can be combined, customised or expanded according to your needs:

1.   Dosing unit

2.   Worktop for folding

3.   Column for STACK machines

4.   Optional: customisable LED display

All of them are designed for installation with the Heavy Professional line of laundry machines, that we will show you below.

Heavy Professional: the same quality and efficiency as their older sisters, but at a much more affordable price

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With the Heavy Professional line, our engineers focused on achieving a washer dryer with advanced features, offering the same advantages for small laundries as the superior models in our catalogue but at a cheaper price, for businesses who cannot make such a significant investment. Everything revolves around its four main strengths: latest generation technology, robustness, versatility and efficiency.

In both cases, with the washer and the dryer, you will find machines that guarantee maximum productivity. They are ready to work with Wet Cleaning programmes and do not require complex maintenance. They incorporate the new TOUCH II, with 37 different languages – a large touch screen on which you will be able to display all types of videos and contents – as well as a powerful monitoring software to keep on top of tracking, data analysis…

They can also be easily adapted to coin operated models which, together with the Clean+Us models, means that for many business owners who hadn’t previously considered it, it is now affordable and feasible to have a little coin operated laundry in your small hotel.


If you have any queries or need our advice, don’t waste any more time and contact us.  You can do so by calling 93 888 71 53, orby completing the form that you will find in the last section of the menu. Our sales department will contact you to offer you all of the solutions and options available to you in order for you to set up your own space with coin operated washer dryer.