31 de March de 2023

Eco-Energy industrial dryers for laundry, the most innovate and efficient

At Domus, we know how important it is to have efficient and sustainable machinery in a laundry, which is why we are always developing the latest technology products with low consumption and great energy savings throughout their lifespan.

In this article, we want to introduce you to our new industrial dryers with large capacity (from 45kg to 80kg) focusing on the Eco-Energy range, the most innovative and efficient on the market.

Efficiency means intelligence.
Welcome to the ECOVOLUTION by Domus

With the new Ecovolution technology, our Eco-Energy industrial dryers have a wide variety of standard features that contribute to optimize consumption and achieve greater energy savings in the laundry.

We would like to highlight the most important features below:

  • Efficient Dry: intelligent humidity control, which adapts the drum rotation speed to the humidity level in each drying phase

  • Thermal insulation: insulated panels throughout the air circuit to prevent heat loss and double glass on the door.

  • Air re-Cycle: efficient air recovery system. Short drying times, energy consumption savings.

  • Full Flow: new optimized mixed air flow system in the ECO-ENERGY range.

Additionally, they have new options that make them even more ergonomic and user-friendly, such as the tilting system for easier loading and unloading or the sliding door to optimize space.

The entire range of high-capacity Eco-Energy industrial dryers (from 45kg – 80kg) comes standard with Touch II microprocessor, a 7″ screen, for greater comfort, and equipped with standard DomusConnect, a feature that allows you to connect machines to IoT and remotely access a huge quantity of data to analyze and control your machinery and business.

Advantages of IoT for industrial laundry dryers

Connecting dryers to IoT has multiple advantages for you, as an owner or distributor, but also for the technical service.

  • OWNER + information + security + control

Improves usability, efficiency, and comfort. Business control: configurable reports on production, cycles, consumption, income, etc. Ensures washing and drying processes, guarantees hygiene and disinfection, drying quality, etc.

  • TECHNICAL SERVICE + efficiency + support + information

Improved service to customers. Improved processes, more efficient and lower costs, avoiding unnecessary travel. Remote problem-solving and maintenance programs. Program telemetry, complete information on all programs performed. Access to technical documentation, videos, etc.

  • DISTRIBUTOR + opportunity + information + added value

Technological base for new businesses, renting, maintenance contracts, self-service, etc. Databases of installed machines, geographical distribution, models, etc… Higher added value of Domus machines for the customer.

In short, our Eco-Energy industrial dryers are a revolution in the world of drying, with a wide range of efficient and practical features that make them the best option for any laundry business. At DOMUS, we are committed to quality and innovation, and our Eco-Energy dryers are another example of this.

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