10 de July de 2020

A flatwork ironer with guaranteed efficiency and the best results

The perfect and innovative solution for drying, ironing and folding flat clothes.

Domus flatwork ironers are designed to deliver the best performance and the highest productivity, always providing a long list of energy and time efficient options for laundry facilities in multiple sectors: industrial, hospitality, services, health care…

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Features that make our flatwork ironers extremely efficient

The number one feature we should mention is the new TOUCH II, a microprocessor designed to launch our flatwork ironers into the future when it comes to efficiency, connectivity, versatility…

The 7″ touch screen display features promotional videos, tutorials…; it can also be configured in 38 different languages, has 10 pre-set programs and a USB port for programming traceability, data analysis…

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, this is an industrial laundry flatwork ironer designed to achieve the best possible results:

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  • EFFICIENT IRON: automatic ironing speed control depending on residual moisture, energy saver (option in Ø 325 and 500 mm)
  • OPTIMAL IRON: automatic ironing speed control, reduced for laundry treatment and increased for higher outputs, up to 15 m/min (option in Ø 500 mm)
  • Good thermal conductivity due to the roller material and thickness: more control over energy release.
  • Self-stop at 80°C: prolongs the life of the ironing belts
  • Gas circuit in the base, thus reducing energy consumption
  • Microprocessor facilitates accurate temperature control: low energy consumption
  • Radiant gas burner models – 25% increased production – time and energy saving

Request more information with no commitment and our sales department will contact you

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Equipment like this often raises questions and represents a significant investment for any company. If you have any questions or want to be given one-to-one advice, just contact our sales department and we will respond as soon as possible. We will analyse the requirements and processes of your laundry andsuggest the flatwork ironer that best suits the characteristics and requirements of your facilities. Remember, to invest in Domus is to invest in the laundry of the future!


That being said, you can email us domus@domuslaundry.com , call us on +34 93 888 71 53, or fill out the form on our website. Simple as that!