15 de January de 2020

Industrial dryers: new items for 2020

What do the new lines in Domus industrial dryers offer you?

Secadoras industriales novedades

The ECO-ENERGY dryers from Domus are intended to mark a turning point in terms of efficiency. Our strong support of innovation and our constant development of new technologies has translated into the launch of a modern line of dryers with the highest performance, efficiency, sustainability and which result in a safe investment for any business with laundry services.

Industrial dryers: news about the DTT and the DTT HP Ecoenergy dryers, the most efficient models of 2020

With this type of dryer, we are looking at a real revolution in drying. One of the main objectives of Domus is to care for the environment, and this line of dryers, which operate with the new and revolutionary Ecovolution technology, offer a wide range of efficient functions, designed especially for finding energy savings throughout all stages of the drying process.

Firstly, we want to highlight some of the innovative systems it uses, such as the Air Re-Cycle, which has been designed for the recovery and reuse of air, or the Efficient Dry, with which you will have an intelligent humidity control.

They also have an insulated air flow circuit, an anti-fire system, and the new TOUCH II microprocessor, with a 7” screen, 39 pre-set programmes and 37 languages available. In this dryer we see a substantial evolution from the previous models, as it has been especially designed based on the three clear pillars that define it: efficiency, versatility and connectivity.

In what way does it differ from the Eco-Energy models? 

The difference between the two models is that the DTT model works with electric, gas or steam heating, whereas the DTT HP is a rotation dryer which dries with a heat pump.

Apart from having all the other features mentioned above, this model offers the possibility of reusing the water it uses to cool the equipment in subsequent washes, it has low energy consumption and does not require exterior venting. To view all the features of these two dryers in more detail, just download the catalogue that you will find below.

What’s more, if you require some personal advice, get in touch with us by using the contact form you will find on this website, or send us an email to domus@domuslaundry.com, or phone us on 93 888 71 53.

What type of businesses are these rotation dryers designed for?

This equipment is capable of adapting to a large variety of different businesses, particularly the models with a load capacity of between 11 and 36 Kg. They offer great versatility, as well as all kinds of advantages for the distributor and the owners. They are set to work with Wet Cleaning programmes, can be connected to a pay centre and are easy to change from OPL to self-service.

Our supervisors can carry out the technical management and the owner can manage their laundry, all fully remotely.

It is also important to point out that they are great ergonomic dryers, very easy to use, they offer a high level of safety for users and they do not require large-scale maintenance.