14 de November de 2019

All Domus washing machines provide a high G Factor

G factor: Washer extractors with a high spin cycle, in which residual moisture is reduced looking for maximum efficiency 


Buying industrial washers is not a simple task. If you are looking for washers with a high G Factor, be professional or industrial, you have hit the spot when you find DOMUS.

Apart from being advanced and state-of-the-art equipment, all our washers have one of the highest G Factors in the industrial market, which guarantees maximum efficiency in the spinning and drying processes.

The engineers at Domus R&D department have focused on achieving a superior G Factor to that of the main competitors, giving great importance to both the savings and the efficiency of all machines in professional and industrial environments.

For example, if you look at the washers in Heavy Professional range, you will see that they have a G-Factor of 450. Or the high-speed, medium and low speed industrial ranges, which in this case have G Factors that range between 450 and 200, depending on the model. We cannot forget the entire range of sanitary barrier washers, which also offer a high G-Factor.

If you want to get more detailed information on what exactly the G Factor is, or any other question about our industrial laundry equipment, just contact the Domus customer service and assistance department.

Efficient and high performance tumble dryers

G factor: Washer extractors

If we talk about drying efficiency, it is important to note that this year Domus will launch new models of efficient, professional and industrial tumble dryers, with advanced features, designed to meet all possible quality and environmental standards. One of the main novelties is that they will be fitted as standard, for example, the new TOUCH II microprocessor (shared with the washing machines), an intelligent humidity control or a new large-area easy cleaning screen filter, as well as being specially designed both for energy saving and for maximum optimization of drying times in a laundry. Always guaranteeing the best results in terms of drying.