18 de February de 2020

Washing machines with sanitary barrier and the new microprocessor Touch II

What do the new Domus washing machines with sanitary barriers offer you?

Today we will show you the DHB series, the new washing machine with sanitary barrier, with a load capacity that ranges between 27 and 70 Kg depending on the model chosen, and containing the new Touch II microprocessor.

This model gives you the highest performance, a great load capacity and guarantees the best hygiene and safety conditions in any situation, for both staff and patients.

Remember that the main function of hospital washing machines is to offer a higher level of protection against nosocomial infection, which are the infections that patients and staff acquire while they are in hospital and which were not present during the patient’s admission or at the start of a staff member’s shift.

What performance does this new washing machine with sanitary barrier offer?

The first thing that is of value is its new microprocessor, the Touch II, with a standard double touch screen measuring 7”, which is easy to manage, very intuitive and which can be configured in 38 languages. Furthermore, it has a load capacity of 27 to 70 Kg, a G factor of 375, three standard water entry points and electric, steam or dual heating.

The barrel and drum are manufactured in AISI 304stainless steel and the panels are in grey skinplate.


The washing machine has a central waste pipe, along with an automatic positioning system for the drum with an electric brake, which is very important for facilitating loading and unloading by the operator.

In short, it is a necessary and profitable investment for any hospital, care home, pharmaceutical, nuclear or cosmetics plant. Because investing in safety and hygiene is essential to guarantee the peace of mind of all staff and patients, and it provides a great deal of value to any business.

lavadora con barrera sanitaria

However, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to resolve any questions you may have. At Domus we are very clear that, when the time comes to decide on a specific model of washing machine, it is very likely that you will have questions. An important part of our work consists of providing you with the appropriate answers so that you can choose the best option for your laundry. We would be delighted to assist you!