18 de April de 2023

Efficient and highly productive industrial washing machines

Efficiency, technology and environmental consideration.

At DOMUS, we offer a wide range of features to enhance the efficiency of our industrial washing machines, ensuring optimal use of water and chemicals in each washing cycle, as well as minimising energy consumption.

Investing in efficient laundry machinery can save us thousands of euros per year in a laundry facility.

Sometimes, when renewing or expanding laundry machinery, we only consider the purchase price, but what we should focus on is the consumption that this washing machine will have.

To explain it better, we’ll use the iceberg metaphor:

If we imagine an iceberg representing the total cost of an industrial washing machine throughout its lifespan, we can say that the visible part, the smaller part, would be the purchase price, while the submerged part, the part we don’t see and often ignore or are unaware of, would be where all the consumption during its lifespan is reflected (water, chemicals, energy…).

At DOMUS, we focus on the invisible part of the iceberg, the most important and the one that can truly help you save money. We work on resource optimisation throughout the machinery’s life cycle, with the aim of reducing consumption and, therefore, overall costs (Life Cycle Cost).

How do we enhance the efficiency of our industrial washing machines?

Thanks to the knowledge we’ve accumulated in over 100 years of experience in the industry and investment in the latest technology, we can develop features and solutions that genuinely help our customers save as much as possible in their laundry operations.

The best features, as standard

  • The highest G-factor in the market  

    The higher the G-factor, the greater the water extraction and the lower the residual moisture in the clothes, resulting in lower energy costs during subsequent drying cycles.

  • TOUCH II microprocessor 

    An easy-to-use and entirely programmable microprocessor with a 7” touch screen, with free connectivity for remote management of the washing machines.

  • Water saving

    Possibility of configuring up to three levels of water and product savings, based on the introduced load.

  • Optimal loading

    Automatic adjustment of water and detergent consumption, after manually entering the weight of the loaded clothes into the programmer, to optimise consumption in incomplete loads.

  • Intelligent consumption 

    Automatic adjustment of water, detergent, and energy consumption based on the estimated load by the washing machine, based on water absorption.

  • Low water consumption 

    A standard washing programme consumes less than 8.2 litres of water per kg and cycle, making Domus washing machines offer the lowest consumption, ensuring washing quality


    IoT connection is easy and free, standard on all ranges of industrial washing machines. All high and low-speed Domus washers come equipped with standard DomusConnect, which gives you remote access from your mobile or laptop to all the data to analyse and control your machinery and manage your business.

    All machines come with Ethernet connection.

As if all this were not enough, you can still add more optional features and accessories to increase efficiency:

  • Ecotank and Ecotank XL

    Industrial washers with the Touch II system and double drain can be connected to the Ecotank water recovery tank or the new Ecotank XL, which provides water recovery achieving significant water and energy savings.

  • Automatic weighing system 

    Automatic adjustment of water and detergent consumption, as well as energy savings, according to the weight of the laundry automatically calculated by the washer through 4 weighing sensors on the legs of the washer.

Domus washing machines, a safe bet

If you are looking for high-quality industrial washing machines with little energy consumption that also require little maintenance while caring for the environment, Domus washing machines are the perfect solution for your laundry.

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